June 25th (Week 4)


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9 Responses to June 25th (Week 4)

  1. Kim says:

    PostWod/B- Four berry protein shake
    Snack-Banana with almond butter
    Lunch- Buffalo chicken burger with carrots and a few raspberries
    Post 2ndWod/Dinner- Four berry protein shake

    Leaving for Denver in a hour…hope I can keep it up. Chipolte burrito sure would be good 🙂

  2. alex powell says:

    b: 1/2 grapefruit and small pc. quiche
    l: 1 smoked chicken leg and paleo waffle w/ 1/2c strawberries
    d: 4 oz. beef w/ onion, green, red and yellow peppers and lemon and 1 pc. of quiche

  3. sam cohen says:

    breakfast – 4 h.b. eggs, raspberries (from mom’s garden!)
    snack – almonds
    post wod – protein shake
    lunch – burger x 3, pickle x 2, pear
    dinner – chicken a la george foreman grill, salad w bleu cheese

  4. Katherine says:

    Pre: Pear
    Post: protein shake
    B: Nectarine
    L: Skipped
    Post: Protein shake
    D: Salad with olive oil, pecans, Hamburger bowel ( Hamburger cut up, advacado, tomato, onion)

  5. Scott Sievert says:

    June 25th
    Total Cal = 2149 Fat =99g Carbs=102g Protein=223g
    Almond Milk
    Egg, whole, boiled
    Almonds, roasted
    Pork chop
    Larabar mini cashew cookie
    Nectarine, raw
    Cheese, cottage
    Broccoli, cooked
    Blackberries, raw
    Blueberries, raw
    Tuna, canned
    Grapes, raw

  6. jeremyadolphson says:

    Breakfast: 4 eggs, leftover broccoli and carrots from Roadhouse
    Lunch: Protein Shake
    Dinner: Turkey Mix-Up with onions, red pepper, and jalapenos

  7. Austin Vallejo says:

    B/L – Chicken Fajita Salad
    S – Protein Shake, Apple, Lara Bar
    S – Alligator & Deer Jerky
    D – Pork Loin, Ribs (no sauce), 2 Bratwurst, Asparagus, Fruit, Bacon

  8. Jessica Hoefer says:

    Breakfast: Protein shake with fruit
    Lunch: Salad (spinach, grilled chicken, carrots, sunflower seeds, and egg)
    Snack: Smoothie

    Water all day.

  9. Darren says:

    M1- Protein shake, 1 cup strawberries
    M2- Turkey sausage omelette
    M3- Protein shake
    M4- Handfull of almonds, 1 chicken breast
    M5- Grilled steak, ckicken red peppers, salsa, avocado

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