June 22nd (Week 4)


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18 Responses to June 22nd (Week 4)

  1. alex powell says:

    b: 2 turkey kabobs and 1/2 grapefruit
    l: 1/2 small honeydew melon and 1 shrimp kabob
    post wod: shake made w/ 1 bananna, 1c spinach, 1/2c blueberries, 1 1/2c alomond milk and 2 scoops protien powder(32g)
    d: small peice of quiche and 1/3c sunflower seeds

  2. Darren says:

    Food intake for 6/22
    M1- Protein shake
    M2- Salad, grilled steak, green peppers, avocado, salsa
    M3- 1- 5 oz. grilled beef tenderloin

  3. Karri says:

    B: Strawberry Smoothie
    S1: Larabar
    L: Salad (broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, sunflower seeds, egg) – did have ranch dressing
    S2: Banana, Almonds
    D: 2 Egg Muffins (w/sausage and broccoli), Strawberries
    S3: Carrots

  4. Kim says:

    PostWod/B- protein shake
    Snack- larabar
    Lunch- 3 eggs with peppers, spinach and pepper jack cheese
    Snack- Half Apple, larabar
    Post 2nd WOD/ Dinner- Shrimp and Cabbage
    Snack- Paleo nut bar and some raspeberries

  5. Emily Janecek says:

    Breakfast:two eggs with green peppers and sea salt
    Lunch: 4 grilled chicken strips, one bread nuggest tossed in garlic butter and parm ( I couldn’t resist)
    Dinner: at TRH, 6oz filet, house salad (romaine, egg, tomato, carrots, cheese, no dressing), steamed broccoli and carrots. I also could not resist one of the rolls with cinnamon butter and three peanuts. I have no will power! Paleo is so had for me now. I need to stay away from restaurants. I am falling back into my old patterns!

    Drank water all day.

  6. Scott Sievert says:

    June 22nd
    Total Cal = 2526 Fat =133g Carbs=111g Protein=231g
    Almond Milk
    Greek Yogurt whole fat
    Egg, whole, boiled
    Mixed nuts
    Grapes, raw
    Apple, raw
    Tuna, canned
    Olives, green, stuffed
    Chicken, breast, roasted, broiled, or baked
    Cauliflower, cooked
    Tomatoes, raw
    Hot dog, beef
    Cheese, goat

  7. Tyler Tisue says:

    chicken salad from pancheros
    spinach shrimp salad from applebees
    chicken and shrimp soup…..extra spicy!!

    Obviously I was traveling

  8. Andrea says:

    post-WOD – banana protein smoothie
    L – grilled chicken breast, fresh fruit, and a dp
    D – ????
    S -QC small vanilla cone

    water most of the day

  9. jeremyadolphson says:

    Pre-Run: 20 oz black coffee, 2 turkey burger patties
    Breakfast: protein shake with one spoonful of sunflower butter
    Lunch: 4 egg scramble with jalapenos, onion, red pepper, squash, and spinach, 1 turkey burger patty
    Dinner: Hooters Cobb Salad: lettuce, cucumber, bacon, tomatoes, egg, grilled chicken (double), with vinegar and oil

  10. sonya says:

    protein shake
    2 eggs 4 slices of bacon
    sliced chicken lunch meat with a pickle in the middle 🙂
    baked turkey
    mixed veggies
    acorn squash with cinnamon, raisins, and honey

  11. Austin Vallejo says:

    B – Eggs, Salsa, 2 Bell Peppers
    S – Lara Bar
    L – Paleo Pancakes, Apple, Amond Butter, Nuts, Broccoli
    D – Rio Grande Omellette, Fruit, Sausage

  12. Austin Vallejo says:

    D – Paleo Meatballs, Fruit, Veggies, Paleo Cookies
    S – Protein Shake, Almonds

  13. Taryn says:

    egg whites and turkey bacon
    salad with chicken and dried cranberries
    salad with turkey
    almond milk
    100 cal pack almonds

  14. Matt Nimrick says:

    B: 4 eggs, feta cheese
    L: spinach salad, ham and turkey, broccoli and cauliflower, grape tomatoes, tbs olive oil
    S: apple, almonds
    D: gyro (with pita bread), added a little feta cheese, green and red pepper

  15. Jessica Hoefer says:

    Breakfast: hard boiled egg
    Post WOD: protein shake with fruit
    Lunch:salad (spinach, egg, turkey bacon, sunflower seeds, grilled shrimp)
    Dinner: salad (spinach, egg, turkey bacon, sunflower seeds, grilled shrimp)
    Snack: bowl of cherries and grapes

    Water all day.

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