June 8th (Week 2)

I should just put a link up that just goes to his site everyday.  I can’t help it it’s that good.

How to Quit Grains

breadandwheatYes, they’re inextricably woven into nearly every aspect of our society. Dietary staple, cultural icon, sentimental fodder, patriotic symbol: it’s impossible to get away from them. However, just because they’re ubiquitous in our social environment doesn’t mean they deserve a place on your dinner plate. You know the multitude ofreasons to quit grains. How about some strategies for kicking them to the curb?

As much as I condone, cajole and attempt to convince people to give up grains for the sake of their health, I’m not oblivious to the fact that dumping grains can be a tough and sometimes lonely slog. It’s not just the cultural thing either. For most people, physiological and habitual forces are the most demanding aspects. You’ve likely hard the term “carboholic” (used mostly in magazines and Oprah confessions for humorous, normalizing purposes), but there’s genuine truth there. Although I’m not equating the ravages of alcoholism and drug addiction with carb cravings, hard science has something to say about the physiological compulsion associated with dietary sugar and carbs (PDF).

Understanding the physical and mental impulse shouldn’t set the stage for making excuses (i.e. the carboholic joke). Though it can take some forethought and commitment, giving up grains is wholly, entirely possible and crucial to both your short-term vitality and long-term health. Ready to jump? Let’s go.

1. Study up and load up (on non-grain delicacies).

Cookbooks (I can suggest a fantastic one, actually), MDA recipes, and countless other sources can prove to you once and for all that there is life after bread. Get thee to the grocery store and stock up on the best, most appetizing Primal goodies you can find. Plan those first weeks out of the Primal starting gate to be as luxuriously delectable and indulgent as your imagination allows.

2. Know what to expect.

As immense as the rewards are, there are issues to contend with. Initially, there may be thecarb cravings (usually less dramatic if you’ve already been cutting down for some weeks) and the infamous “low carb flu.” Read up on these and check out other Grokkers’ experiences. It will help you put these passing symptoms in perspective. Beyond the first few weeks, there are more “big picture” issues to address. Because we live in the culinary culture we do, cutting out grains can mean more than changing your lunch. Family barbeques and holiday menus will need tweaking. Maybe you’ll need a script for annoying family members’ digs. Once you’ve made the transition and are enjoying the advantages, I’ll bet you won’t be complaining, however….

3. Get the rest of your physiological house in order.

Think twice about undertaking this if you’re constantly burning the midnight oil, getting no exercise, and your stress level is spiraling out of control. These aren’t the best circumstances to bring to carb withdrawal. Now, this isn’t to say your life has to be perfectly ordered and stable in order for you to be successful giving up grains. Adopting a healthier diet that allows for more stable energy throughout the day can actually help you tame the other pressures in your life. Nonetheless, you’ll likely have an easier time giving up grains if you can go at the endeavor with a little more sleep and a little more emotional focus. If life is too crazy to be contained at the moment, just take it slowly.

4. Plan the logistics.

When you’re rushing out the door in the morning, kids arguing, papers flying and blood pressure rising, you’re not exactly primed to make the most rational choices. Lay out yourfull day’s menu. Keep Primal foods at the forefront of your cabinets. Make shopping lists and Primal backup alternatives in case you forget to take the meat out of the freezer. Anticipate the stumbling blocks (e.g. party cake at the office or the kids’ playdate) and have something Primal on hand (not a Special K shake).

If you live with grain eaters, divide cabinet spaces and come up with a plan ahead of time. Will you be making meals for them? Work out the details and come to agreements. Keeping the peace will help you stay on track.

5. Make your motivation manifest.

Have a motivation board or journal you turn to. When you’re pining after that coffee cake you’re your mother-in-law brought over, it can both remind you why you’re doing this and how far you’ve already come. (Then throw it away after she leaves.) Use whatever language or imagery speaks to you. A former Marine friend had some interesting phrasing to keep himself on the path – some of the most colorful profanity I’ve ever seen on Post-Its all over his house. No judging here. Whatever works!

6. Do it your way. Take it slowly or go cold turkey.

Although going gradually might help some people, others prefer to pull the band-aid quickly and definitely. Don’t apologize or second guess your intuition. You know how you operate. Eliminate one grain at a time or banish all grains at the outset: the end result is the same.

7. Positive Self Talk

Sit down in front of a mirror periodically and tell yourself you’re “good enough, smart enough and doggone….” Humor goes a long way, folks.

8. Join a support group.

No foolin’ here. In fact, I’d most highly recommend our charming group here. Have you visited the forum? I never cease to be impressed by the good will and good sense offered amongst fellow Grokkers. Make use of their experience. Learn from them. Turn to them. By all means, read the posts, but be a part of the community as well. A kind or encouraging response can make all the difference on a bad day. Besides, they know where to get the grain patch.

9. Pamper yourself.

If there was ever a time to indulge yourself a little, make it these early weeks. Beyond eating well, plan a light and enjoyable week for yourself. Spa visitHike in the park? Great Primal dinner to celebrate your new endeavor with friends? Whatever you’ve been waiting to do, do it.

10. Have patience with yourself (and the process).

If you fall off the horse, just dust your butt off and get back on. No sulking, no self-deprecating. Accept it as a temporary divergence and just do the next right thing for yourself. Then go kick an ear of sweet corn around the yard.


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29 Responses to June 8th (Week 2)

  1. jeremyadolphson says:

    Pre-Run: apple
    Breakfast: 2 turkey burgers with jalapenos, onions, sauerkraut, wrapped in lettuce, one hard boiled egg
    Lunch: steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) with olive oil, 2 hard boiled eggs
    Post-WOD/Dinner: protein shake with a banana and blueberries, turkey brat, 2 hard boiled eggs

  2. Dawn Windmiller says:

    B – Protein Shake (triple berries, almond butter, whey powder, coconut milk)
    S- Cashews
    L – Italian turkey sausage + cabbage
    D – Tried the Paleo pancakes but after cooking a few (they suck to cook) I gave up and had my left over Italian turkey sausage. The flavor on the pancakes was good but I’ll take suggestions on how to make cooking + flipping easier. LOL! They are so thin too…or at least mine were.

  3. Darren says:

    M1- Protein Shake

  4. Darren says:

    M1- Protein shake
    M2- Turkey Sausage omelette
    M3- Salad- Grilled steak, green peppers, salsa, avocado
    M4- Protein shake
    M5- bacon, egg and avocado salad ( turkey bacon, 3 hard boiled eggs, 1 avocado)

  5. Kim says:

    PostWOD/Breakfast- two bites of sweet potato and applesauce, pumpkin protein shake
    Snack- larabar
    Lunch- Spinach salad with chicken, walnuts and fresh parm cheese topped with Paleo Caesar dressing…yum!
    Dinner- Small portion of beef and broccoli- bananna with almond butter
    Snack- 7 dried cherries and 4 grapes

  6. Katherine says:

    pre work out: Banana
    post work out: Protein shake
    B: Greek yougart w/ nectarine and a little honey
    L: Spinach salad w/ pork tenderloin, mand oranges, peacans, olive oil
    S; Protein shake, cucumber
    D: salad w/ salmon, pecans, mand oranges, olive oil
    S; cherries

  7. sonya says:

    Pre workout- 1/2 protein drink
    Post workout- 1/2 protein drink
    Breakfast- banana
    Lunch- hamburger patty, mixed vegetables
    S- Protein drink
    Dinner- Grilled chicken and Veggies with honey soy dressing

    This is getting easier..I have cravings, but I’m able, so far, to conquer them.

  8. kasey says:

    pre-workout: protein shake
    breakfast: 2 eggs with free-range smoked turkey, tomatoes and onion. Almonds and dried cranberries
    lunch: salad with turkey, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, olive oil and vinegar. fruit salad with strawberries, cantaloupe and grapes

    pre-blood donation snack: larabar
    post-blood donation – lying on floor of the donation center with an ice pack as I struggle not to pass out: 2 cookies and some popcorn

    dinner: chicken breast with tomato, onion and a little mayonnaise.

  9. Rich K says:

    Breakfast: Protein shake w/almond milk, 1 banana
    snack: handful of almond, cashew, and cranberry mix, 1 apple
    Lunch: spinach salad with chicken, cucumber, carrot, olives, & tomato
    Snack: 3 small leftover paleo chocolate chip pancakes
    post WOD protein shake in water
    Snack: larabar
    Late dinner: small steak and shrimp w/steamed broccoli and 2 strawberries and chopped apples for desert.
    drank water all day

  10. Maddy Ruggeberg says:

    apple and banana w almond butter
    protein shake
    pork chop
    turkey burger/ veggies (thanks tif)
    almonds/ carrots/ coffee(decaf) w cream at jens baby shower
    dark chocolate

  11. crystal says:

    protein shake
    broccoli, celery – snack
    chicken salad with grapes
    7oz steak with steam veggies
    strawberries (1/2 cup)

  12. Andrea says:

    B – bacon and water
    Post-WOD – protein shake with a banana
    L – grilled chicken salad with carrots, broccoli, & tomatoes, strawberries, and half of a dp (I am trying) 😦
    S – egg muffin and sunflower seeds
    D – roasted chicken with a salad and steamed broccoli and carrots, and a TRH roll and a little cinnamon butter

    water all day except lunch

  13. Austin Vallejo says:

    B – 6 Eggs/Salsa, 4 Strips Turkey Bacon, Apple
    L/S – Beef Jerky, Handful of Almonds, Lara Bar, Piece of Dried Apricot
    D – 2 Turkey Burger Patties, Veggies
    S – Protein Shake
    LNS – Apple, Almonds

  14. Scott Sievert says:

    June 8th
    Total Cal = 2,685 Fat =200g Carbs=86 Protein=152g
    Egg, whole, fried
    Mixed nuts
    Salad with hard boiled eggs, broccoli, spinach, mixed salad greens, carrots, pork chop, olives, mushrooms, red wine vinegar
    Greek Yogurt whole fat
    Italian sausage
    Peach, raw
    Squash, spaghetti, cooked
    Avocado, raw
    Coconut milk
    Berries, raw

  15. Jake Peterson says:

    Total Cals: 1748. Fat: 77 Carbs:175 Protien:95

    Breakfast – 3 Eggs & 2 Slices of Bacon
    Lunch – 3 Eggs w/salsa, Fruit Smoothie 

    Dinner – Subway Salad. All vegies w/ oil and vinager dressing

    Counting my calories is really helping. Makes me second guess any cheating since it would so not be worth it.

  16. alex powell says:

    pre workout: protien shake(pwdr and water
    b:2 egg muffins made w/ spinach, turk sausage, onions and jalepenos( more like muffin tops i did nod grease the pan)
    l: protien shake w/ 1 bananna, .25c strawberries, .25c blue berries and handful of spinach half grapefruit and .25c of sunflowerseeds
    s: small salad i made with jalepenos, green peppers, red onions sunflower seeds and turkey sausage and lemon soak the diced veggies in fresh squeezed lemon juice then mix with turkey sausage and sunflower seeds. it was really good.
    d:2-5 oz. pork steaks w/ green peppers and onions

  17. Greg Hansen says:

    B – Apple & roast beef

    L – Pork loin & carrots

    post wod protein shake

    D – chicken and guacamole

  18. Karri says:

    B: 2 scrambled eggs w/ turkey sausage
    S1: almonds and raspberries
    L: chicken, coleslaw, iced tea
    S2: PaleoKit
    D: taco salad – seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, olives, and salsa (at Sport’s Fans)
    S3: raspberries and almonds again

    I was really craving sweets yesterday and I think I overate as a result. One of the hardest days for me so far.

  19. Jason Kneen says:

    Post Workout: Muscle Milk and a Larabar
    Lunch: 2 Hamburger patties and mixed veggies
    snacks: a banana, a Clif bar(I know, I know) and some grapes
    Dinner: Stir-fry chicken with vegetables and honey-soy sauce

  20. Jessica Hoefer says:

    Breakfast/Lunch: Paleo chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon
    Snack: Larabar
    Dinner: California grilled shrimp salad (grilled shrimp, leaf lettuce, black olive, bacon, tomato, avocado)

    Cup of hot tea, and the rest of the day was water.

  21. Taryn says:

    eggs, avocado, coffee

    protein shake

    salad with grilled shrimp and veggies

    salad, veggies, coffee, almonds

  22. Kayla Bartz says:

    Breakfast- 2 eggs, Ham, bowl of Strawberries
    Snack- Iced coffee
    Snack- Beef Jerky
    Dinner- Spinanch salad with Italian dressing (Literally the only option Cafeteria food on campus 😦
    Snack- Cold Stone Creamery 😦 hah

  23. Matt Nimrick says:

    B: 3 eggs, 1oz feta cheese, apple, some walnuts
    L: large spinach salad, broccoli, onion, 5 strawberries, 1 tbs olive oil, balsamic vinegar
    S1: apple, handful almonds
    D: Gyro with tomato, sauce, onion, and yes bread, 4 steak fries

    • Matt Nimrick says:

      Lunch salad had deli turkey and ham for protein. I also put on some feta cheese on my Gyro to enhance the deliciousness.

  24. Tifani Vallejo says:

    Breakfast- Protein Shake
    Snack- Banana with almond butter & half a cup of coffee
    Snack #2- small piece of dark chocolate
    Late lunch- turkey burger, steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots & cauliflower) & pineapple
    Dinner- Fuji apple chicken salad, coffee
    Cheat- piece of whole grain bread & like 10 crackers with spinach dip…crap. however, i did resist the cupcakes!

  25. Rachel Gustine says:

    B- 2 eggs, bacon
    S-Handful of nuts
    L- Chicken Breast, avocado
    S- Celery Sticks
    D- Buff burger, spinach, onions and mushrooms

    water all day

  26. Rachel Edwards says:

    B- Scrambled eggs, peppers, spinach.
    S- Coffee
    L-Spinach salad with chicken sliced almonds, strawberries w/ rasp. olive oil vinegarette.
    S-attempted to have an orange but it was dried up so i threw it out.
    D- Salad with apple crisps onions and chicken and gorgonzola .

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