June 3rd (Week 1)

Great job on eating yesterday everyone.  For those having the occasional diet coke/pepsi I’m not going to condemn you for it but it will hinder weight loss.  Drinking diet drinks still sends an insulin release trigger to your body.  So it treats it just like sugar. Also aspartame acts as a fat preservative preventing you from burning it as fast. But anyway……

Here is an interesting article on a Hunter Gatherer Diet vs Raw Vegan Diet

17 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

weightlossdespairEffective, healthy weight loss isn’t only due to the simplistic calories in, calories out paradigm. Nor is it solely reliant on diet and exercise. It’s everything – it’s all the various signals our body receives from the environment that affect how ourgenes express themselves and thrive. How we approach the subject matters, too. Our mood, our methods, our temperament. Our conscious decisions and our willpower. It’s setting good habits and expunging bad ones. Most of all, it comes down to keeping our genes happy by providing an environment that approximates evolutionary precedent.

1. You think you’re eating healthy, but aren’t.

Does your diet consist of a massive amount of “products”? Low-carb or not, you want to eatreal food. Flagons of diet soda, plates of pure fiber in the shape of noodles, and loaves of 1g net carb “bread” do not a Primal diet make. You’re just feeding an addiction and consuming empty calories – sound familiar? Disregard the labels and look inside for what you know to be true: this crap isn’t food, and you shouldn’t be eating it. It’s about way more than just low-carb.

2. You’re under too much stress.

The stress response system is subconscious; it responds to stimuli and nothing else. Emotional stress, physical stress, financial stress, relationship stress – I hesitate to even make these distinctions, because the body does not differentiate between sources of stress. They all cause the body to produce cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormone that catabolizes muscle, worsens insulin resistance, and promotes the storage of fat. For 200,000 years, stress meant a life or death situation. It was intense and infrequent, and the cortisol release was arresting and extreme enough to improve the chances of survival. Today, our body responds to a stack of paperwork the same way. Traffic jams are like rival war bands. A nagging boss is like a rampaging mastodon, only on a daily basis. Take a step back from your life and take stock of your stress levels – they may be holding you back.

3. You need to watch your carb intake.

Carbs are key, as always, especially when you’ve got weight to lose. Veer closer to the bottom of the curve, taking care to avoid all processed food (hidden sugars). You might also try skipping fruit.

4. You’re adding muscle.

I always tell people not to get hung up on the scales so much. Those things are useful – don’t get me wrong – but they never tell the whole story, like whether or not you’re adding lean mass. The PB will spur fat loss, but it also promotes muscle gain and better bone density. If you’re feeling good but failing to see any improvements register on the scale’s measurements, it’s most likely extra muscle and stronger bone from resistance training. You wouldn’t know that just from the bathroom scale. If you absolutely need objective records of your progress, get a body fat percentage test (although these might not even tell the whole story) or try measuring your waist.

5. You’re not active enough.

Are you Moving Frequently at a Slow Pace for three to five hours every week? Remember: the near-daily low-level (between 55-75% max heart rate) movement should be the bedrock of your fitness regimen. It’s easy to do (because every bit of movement counts) and it doesn’t dip into your glycogen reserves (making it a pure fat burner, not a sugar burner). If you’re on the low end of the spectrum, crank it up toward five weekly hours and beyond.

6. You’re lapsing into Chronic Cardio.

Of course, you can go too far with the low-level movement – you can begin to lapse intoChronic Cardio. When you stay above 75% of your maximum heart rate for extended periods of time, you’re burning glycogen. Your body in turn craves even more sugar to replenish the lost stores, so you polish off a heap of carbs, preferably simple and fast-acting. You can continue down this route if you wish – I did, for a couple decades – but you’ll gain weight, lose muscle, release more cortisol, and compromise any progress you might have made.

7. You still haven’t tried IF.

Results vary, but if you’ve seemingly tried everything else, intermittent fasting can be a great tool to break through a weight loss plateau. Make sure you’ve fully transitioned onto a Primal eating plan and start small. Skip breakfast and eat a late lunch. If that feels okay, skip breakfast and lunch the next time. Just take it slow and pay attention to your hunger. Eventually, try exercising in a fasted state to maximize the metabolic advantage. If all goes well, your hunger won’t necessarily disappear, but it’ll change. A successful IF tames hunger, makes it less insistent and demanding.

8. You’re eating too much.

Low-carb isn’t magic. It reins in wild hunger and tames insulin, but calories do still matter – especially once you approach your ideal weight. In fact, those last few pounds often don’t respond to the same stuff that worked so well to get you to this point. Eating nut butter by the spoonful and hunks of cheese without regard for caloric content may have gotten you this far, but you’ve got to tighten things up if things aren’t working. And that’s the real test, isn’t it? There is a metabolic advantage to eating according to the PB, but if the weight isn’t coming off, something’s up – and calories may need to come down.

9. You haven’t overcome bad habits or developed good ones.

Be brutally honest with yourself. Do you engage in bad habits? If so, identify them. Make tentative, loose plans to disengage from their clutches, and tell people close to you. Make it public, so you can’t back out without losing face. You’ve also got to develop good ones. Follow roughly similar guidelines as when kicking a bad habit – identification, planning, publication – and you’ll be on your way.

10. You haven’t purged and Primalized your pantry.

Out of sight, out of mind; out of reach, out of mouth. Keep the crappy junk food out of your pantry, if not out of your house altogether. Go down the list and toss the stuff that doesn’t apply. As for the rest of your kitchen, check out the fridge interiors and grocery lists of some other Primal folks for inspiration.

11. You’ve reached a healthy homeostasis.

It may be that your body has reached its “ideal” weight – its effective, genetic set point. Reaching this level is generally painless and effortless, but it won’t necessarily correspond to your desired level of leanness. Women, especially, tend to achieve healthy homeostasis at higher body fat levels. Breaking through plateaus can be hard enough, but plateaus ordained by the body itself can be nearly impossible. It’s probably going to take some serious tinkering with carbs, calories, activity levels, sleep, and stress. If everything else is on point and accounted for, you may be looking at healthy homeostasis. Then, the question becomes: do you want to mess with a good thing?

12. You’re low on willpower.

Willpower is like a muscle. It must be used or it will atrophy. You’ve also got to provide fuel for your will – little victories to start out. Go for a walk if you can’t muster the will for the gym. Take note that willpower, or lack thereof, might actually be an indicator of your body’s needs. If you truly can’t muster up the will for the gym, it may be that your body needs to recover. When that’s the case, overtraining is a bigger danger than lack of will.

13. You’re full of excuses.

If you find yourself having mini self-contained internal arguments throughout the day (and you lose), or (even worse) lying to yourself about what you’re eating and doing, you’re probably also full of excuses. Read this, maybe twice, then follow up with this.

14. You haven’t actually gone Primal!

We get a good number of new readers on a regular basis, and not all of them take instantly to the Primal concepts. And yet they come back. They read the archives, the comments. Something draws them near, while at the same time keeping them at arm’s length. Why is that? What’s stopping them? If that describes you, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge. Go Primal for 30 days and see how you like it. I assure you; the many enthusiastic community members are here because it works.

15. You’re not getting enough sleep.

Chronic levels of sleep deprivation cause the release of cortisol, our old fat-storing friend. The biggest spike in (fat-burning, anabolic) growth hormone plasma levels occurs in deep sleep. And a recent sleep study showed that truncated sleep patterns are linked to weight gain. Get seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

16. You haven’t given it enough time.

The Primal Blueprint is a fat loss hack, undoubtedly, but it isn’t always a shortcut. Some people get instant results from dropping carbs, grains, sugar, and vegetable oils, while others have to take a month to get acclimated and only then does the weight begin to slide off. Either way, though, this is a lifestyle. You’re in it for the long run. Approach it with the right mindset and you won’t get discouraged.

17. You’re eating too much dairy.

Some people just react poorly to dairy. We see this time and time again listed in the forums; dairy just seems to cause major stalls in fat loss for a good number of folks. There are a couple speculative reasons for this. One, folks coming from a strict paleo background may not be acclimated to the more relaxed Primal stance on dairy. Reintroducing any food into the diet after a period of restriction can have unintended consequences on body composition. Two, dairy is insulinogenic, which is why it’s a popular post-workout refueling tool for athletes. Does a non-strength training PBer need to drink a few glasses of milk every day? Probably (definitely) not.

Bonus Reason: Sprinting is not part of your fitness routine.

I’ve found that many assume that they’re getting everything they need from their workouts from plenty of low level aerobic activity and a couple of strength training sessions each week. Sprinting is often overlooked, but it’s one of the Primal Blueprint Laws for a reason. Nothing shreds you up faster than sprinting. I’d ease into sprints if you’ve never done them or are extremely out of shape or overweight. That is, I recommend you have some measure of fitness aptitude before you jump into a routine. But once you’re ready do 6-8 all out sprints (with short breaks between) once a week to break a weight loss plateau when all other attempts have failed.

Recipe of The Day

High Protein Chicken Pizza
Scott Hagnas
April 2008

This is a quick and convenient way to make pizza, and you won’t have to eat any extra meat on the side in order to get in your protein! Here, we’ll just use a chicken breast as the crust. After the basic directions, I provide recipes for two old favorites. You can make any style of pizza you like this way, just follow the basic guidelines.

Time: 30 minutes

For the “crust”:

• 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
• 2 Tbsp olive oil

Pizza sauce:

• 3 Tbsp olive oil
• 2 cloves crushed garlic
• 2 Tbsp finely chopped red onion
• 1 6 oz can tomato paste
• 1 8 oz can tomato sauce
• 1 tsp black pepper

Toppings for the Italian sausage and olive pizza:

• 3 oz Italian sausage
• chopped black olives
• chopped mushrooms
• chopped red onions
• 1 Tbsp tahini

Toppings for the Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza:

• 2 oz sliced Canadian bacon
• chopped pineapple

To create the “crust”, use a mallet to pound the chicken breasts into flat, thin crusts. This will take a little effort – you might not want to try this right after finishing a grueling workout of deadlifts and rope climbs! While you are pounding, preheat the oven to broil. Once you have two thin, approximately round “crusts”, they are ready to bake.

Spread the olive oil on a baking pan. Brush each side of the chicken with the oil, then place the pan in the oven. Broil for 1 1/2 minutes, then flip the chicken over and broil for 1 1/2 minutes on the other side. Remove from the oven, and now the pizzas are ready to top. Reduce the oven heat to 350 degrees.

Meanwhile, make the pizza sauce. Warm the tomato paste and tomato sauce in a small saucepan. In a separate small skillet, saute the garlic and onion for 3 minutes, then add them to the tomato mixture. (Basil and oregano would be good additions to the recipe at this point, as well. When I prepared this, we were away from home, and I didn’t have access to our spices) Mix to combine well. Simmer on low.

Spread the pizza sauce on the broiled chicken “crusts”. Add the toppings of your choice. Place the pizzas back into the oven, baking for around 12-15 minutes. They are then ready to slice and serve.

Zone info: This really depends on your toppings, and the size of your chicken breasts. 1 oz chicken = 1 block protein. The pizza sauce as above totals 5 carb blocks, 26 fat blocks. Add the info for your toppings to get an accurate total.

High Protein Chicken Pizza

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Personal Trainer and Gym Owner. I have a growing desire to see people get healthier!
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40 Responses to June 3rd (Week 1)

  1. emilyjanecek says:

    I was a little slow on figuring out the comment button:)
    Tuesday breakfast- two eggs, 5 almonds.
    lunch-asparagus, 2 raspberries,, 2 strawberries, 2 walnuts, 1 hard boiled egg
    dinner-baked chicken topped with homeade salsa, 1 cashew

    post workout-protein shake
    lunch-salad:organic red romaine, fresh organic spinach, part of a red pepper, 1 hard boiled egg, sunflower nuts, 1/2 tomato, 1 chicken breast.
    dinner-2 handful of walnuts, handful of blackberries, 2 cashews,4 homade paleo tortilla chips with fresh salsa.

  2. alex powell says:

    pre workout handful of grapes
    b: 2 eggs sramble w/ ground turkey mix and half grapefruit
    s:protien shake w/ half bananna, .5 c strawberries, .5 c blue berries, .5 c black berries, handful of spinach and 1 c unsweetened almond milk
    l: turkey burger w/ 1 c brussel sprouts and an apple
    s:1 c yam n apples
    d:8 oz. chicken breast, 1c garlic mash cauliflower

  3. Karri says:

    B: raspberry/blackberry/blueberry smoothie
    L: beef/spinach scramble, broccoli
    S: hard-boiled egg, carrots
    D: grilled marinated chicken, steamed broccoli

  4. Jake Peterson says:

    Breakfast – 2 eggs & 2 slices of bacon
    Lunch – 3 Eggs, Salsa, Mushrooms Olives, Apple and Nut Mix
    Dinner –  Subway salad.

    Snack – Fruit Smoothie

  5. Kim says:

    Breakfast/Post WOD- Protein shake with flax seed, banana, almond butter and almond milk
    Snack- Celery with almond butter
    Lunch- Chicken breast with spinach, dried cherries, and blueberries with a little organic italian dressing
    Snack- Apple and handful of Almonds
    Dinner- Was a little mad my boss made me go out to eat for a meeting so I tried to me as good as I could…so I got shrimp with cabbage. I think I did OK..there was a little bit of sauce over the shrimp with garlic, pepper and I think soy sauce.
    Snack- handful of raspberries

    Still mad about going out to eat…grr

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      Haha I want you to try your best but you have to live a little bit! I think you made a good choice with dinner

  6. Darren says:

    M1- Protein shooter- 4 oz. orange juice, 1 scoop protein powder
    M2- Turkey sausage omelet
    M3-2 hamburger patties
    M4- Protein shake- 16 oz. water, 2 scoops protein powder
    M5- 1 turkey brat, 6 oz. sirloin steak
    M6- 6 oz. sirloin steak

    Lots of water, cup of black coffee mid morning, cup of green tea mid evening.

  7. Kasey says:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, tomato, brocolli. Earl grey with almond milk
    Snack: almonds
    Lunch: salad with chicken breast, tomato, goat cheese, mushrooms. Apple
    Dinner: buffalo burger on lettuce with a portabella mushroom and a tomato. Red pepper with onion and sweet potato.

  8. emilyjanecek says:

    Breakfast: a few walniuts and 5 blackberries.
    Lunch: plain grilled salmon and greenbeans with a tiny bit of butter and sea salt.
    Preworkout: protein shake.
    Post workout: banana and 3 almonds.
    Dinner: rotisserie chicken and garlic mashed cauliflower.

    I was craving junk food after my workout!!

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      It’s more crucial that you take your protein shake post workout rather than pre workout. Otherwise everything is looking pretty good! Keep it up!

  9. Brad Child says:

    B/Post WOD – 3 egg muffins, fruit bowl, protein shake, coffee
    L – leftover chicken breast, sweet potato chips (bomb diggitty)
    S – trail mix (jerky, pistachios, almonds, raisins)
    D- Alot of shrimp uncooked with a little ketchup and horseradish, salad
    S – larabar, almond milk, grapefruit

  10. rachel says:

    B- 3 scrambled eggs with spinach. Cantelope and honeydew melon.
    L- salad with ch. Breast.2 strawberries.
    S- pineapple
    D- lean ground breef with sauteed mushrooms, green yellow and red peppers. Green onion tomato and avocato.

  11. Andrea says:

    B (pre-WOD) – protein smoothie with strawberries & blueberries and hard boiled egg
    L – scrambled eggs with green pepper and some strawberries
    D – half of a chicken wrap, broccoli, cantaloupe, and strawberries
    OK OK I had a couple of beers at a friends 50th birthday party – if cavemen had beer they would drink it!!!

  12. jeremyadolphson says:

    Pre-WOD: apple
    Post-WOD/Breakfast: 3 eggs, 6 olives, protein shake with cup of blueberries, one banana, and a tablespoon of sunflower nut butter
    Morning Snack: apple
    Lunch: Turkey Mix-up (10 oz ground turkey, onion, green pepper, jalapenos, tomato, spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli)
    Afternoon Snack/Pre-WOD: baby carrots, 6 olives
    Dinner: Hooters Cobb Salad (double grilled chicken shaken it hot sauce, lettuce, eggs, bacon, tomato, cucumbers) with vinegar and oil
    Dessert: 4 Paleo Coors Lights

  13. sonya says:

    Pre workout…Strawberry Banana Protein Shake
    Breakfast….3 eggs 4 slices of bacon
    Snack….2 polish sausage snack links
    Lunch….Power bar
    Snack…Almonds and Apricots
    Supper…Grilled Chicken breast, Honey/cinnamon mixed veggies, salad w/ bal. vin. dr
    Snack…Grapes, Kiwi, 1/2 banana, 3 strawberries

    No pop, no coffee….nothing but water and eat and sleep…UGH!! So tired!!

  14. Rich K says:

    Breakfast: 1 banana, protein shake w/almond milk, 2 hard-boiled eggs
    Snack 1: 1 apple & small handful of almond, cashew, & cranberry mix
    Snack 2: handful of baby carrots
    Lunch: chicken salad with spinach, shredded carrots, tomato, green peppers, tbsp full of sunflower seeds and small portion of olive oil.
    Snack 3: coconut cream Larabar
    Post workout protein shake
    dinner: Grilled chicken w/broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with a handful of grapes on the side

  15. Katherine says:

    Pre work-out:apple
    Post work-out:protein shake
    Breakfast:3 scrambled eggs, 2 turkey sausage avacado
    Lunch:Steak, asparagus, cherries
    Snack: greek yougart, strawberries
    Dinner:Salad with steak, blueberries, strawberries, olive oil

  16. Jessica Hoefer says:

    Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices bacon
    Snack: hot tea
    Lunch: lettuce wrap w/turkey, roast beef, lettuce, tomato, & 1 slice of cheese (no mayo)
    snack: handful of cherries
    dinner: grapes and cherries
    (water to drink for the rest of the day)

  17. Jason Kneen says:

    After workout: banana/strawberry protein smoothie
    Breakfast: 3 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon
    Lunch: taco salad again(love the leftovers) with lettuce, and tomato
    Supper: chicken with mixed vegetables w/cinnamon and honey and butter
    Snack: Clif bar, grapes, strawberry and half a banana

    Yep. Not as hungry today. Definetly ate more than yesterday.

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      Hey I looked at those clif bars and although they are better than most “bars'” they definitely aren’t Primal and pack a whopping 49g of carbs per bar. I’d try to stay away from them. Larabars are pretty good at only 30g of carbs and are considered a Primal food

  18. Matt Nimrick says:

    B: 3 eggs, 2 tbs oatmeal, 1 oz feta cheese, apple, handful of walnuts, iced tea
    L: large spinach salad with deli turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, some green pepper, a few blueberries, 1 tbs olive oil, and some balsamic vinegar
    S1: 1/2 of shake – ice/water, 1 cup blueberries/raspberries, 8 almonds, 1/2 scoop protein powder
    D: stir fry with can of tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, soy sauce, 1 tbs olive oil after cooking
    S2: other half of shake

    Not as hungry today probably because of relatively easier workout and ate more walnuts at breakfast. I started drinking my shake for my first snack and realized I would be in pain if I finished the whole thing in one sitting.

  19. Austin Vallejo says:

    B – Paleo Pancakes, 5 Eggs, 3 Strips Turkey Bacon
    Post Workout – Lara Bar, Protein Shake, Apple
    L/D – 8 oz Steak, Green Beans/Bacon/Onions, Fresh Veggies (Texas Roadhouse)
    S – Homemade Paleo Coconut Ice Cream

  20. Tifani Vallejo says:

    Pre-workout- Protein shake with almond milk
    Breakfast- 3 paleo pancakes -made with eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, almond milk & coconut flour…oh with honey on top 🙂
    Afternoon snack- Coffee, banana, handful of almonds, bell pepper with guacamole
    After workout #2- Naked protein shake
    Dinner- Chicken salad with a few strawberries & grapes, little bit of raspberry vinaigrette dressing
    Late night snack- Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar, Coffee, handful of blueberries

    Probably not the greatest eating day… 😛

  21. Taryn says:

    eggs, avocado, bacon, and tomato scramble, coffee

    cottage cheese and walnuts

    protein shake

    turkey burger and cauliflower

  22. Kayla Bartz says:

    Breakfast- Apple
    snacks- cherries & larabar
    Lunch- Grilled chicken salad with tomatoes
    snack- almonds
    dinner-grilled steak, lettuce and tomatoes(we went to a mexican resteraunt for dinner and not eating chips and salsa was the hardest thing Ive ever done :(…..)

  23. Maddy Ruggeberg says:

    B: eggs and protein shake
    post workout protein shake
    S. almonds and piece of dark chocolate (trying to take this out!)
    L: chicken breast, and pistachios
    S: naked juice
    D: pork chop, green peppers, apple sauce

  24. Greg Hansen says:

    B – Banana & Almonds

    L – 10oz turkey breast 2 eggs spinach and pesto

    D – Deer Burger & bell peppers with guac and salsa

  25. Dawn Windmiller says:

    B protein shake
    L celery + almond salad
    D italian turkey sausage + cabbage

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      Ok we need to up the calories a little bit! haha You eat like a bird! Lets try to get a nice size meal at breakfast. Throw some fruit in with the protein shake and maybe a little olive oil for some good fat.

      • Dawn Windmiller says:

        I put rasberries, blueberries & strawberries in my protein shake. I also put in some almond butter. Is that good enough or even more? I can actually eat a lot in a sitting though. 😉

      • Dawn Windmiller says:

        By the way…the turkey sausage and cabbage…I at the whole thing. 🙂 Mine and my husbands. LOL!

  26. Scott Sievert says:

    June 3rd
    Total Cal = 2066 Fat=126g Protein=162g Carb=81g
    Almond Milk
    Greek Yogurt whole fat
    Banana, raw
    Blueberries, raw
    Broccoli, raw
    Pork chop
    Mixed nuts
    Egg, whole, boiled
    Cream Cheese

  27. Cristina and Zach Thomas says:


    B-2 egg whites and 2 eggs scrambled with diced mushrooms and red peppers
    3 pieces low fat turkey bacon and small piece of turkey sausage
    1 cup of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, and cherries)
    3 cups of coffee
    S-paleo brownie 🙂
    L- cup of fruit/nut mix (cashews, walnuts, almonds, and raisins), 5 slices of turkey, watermelon
    S-more nuts and raisins, small paleo brownie
    D- (late) leftover zucchini lasagna

    –lots of water during the day… I’ve noticed I drink a lot more water doing this challenge!

    B-3 egg whites and 3 eggs scrambled with diced mushrooms and red peppers
    5 pieces low fat turkey bacon and turkey sausage
    1 cup of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, and cherries)
    3 cups of coffee
    S-paleo brownie
    L- fruit/nut mix (cashews, walnuts, almonds, and raisins), 8 slices of turkey, watermelon
    S-more nuts and raisins, small paleo brownie
    D- (late) leftover zucchini lasagna

    –6-9 glasses of water

  28. Cristina and Zach Thomas says:


    B-2 egg whites and 2 eggs scrambled with diced mushrooms and red peppers
    3 pieces low fat turkey bacon and small piece of turkey sausage
    1 cup of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, and cherries)
    3 cups of coffee
    S-paleo brownie 🙂
    L- cup of fruit/nut mix (cashews, walnuts, almonds, and raisins), 5 slices of turkey, watermelon
    S-more nuts and raisins, small paleo brownie
    D- (late) leftover zucchini lasagna

    –lots of water during the day… I’ve noticed I drink a lot more water doing this challenge!


    B-3 egg whites and 3 eggs scrambled with diced mushrooms and red peppers
    5 pieces low fat turkey bacon and turkey sausage
    1 cup of fruit (strawberries, blackberries, and cherries)
    3 cups of coffee
    S-paleo brownie
    L- fruit/nut mix (cashews, walnuts, almonds, and raisins), 8 slices of turkey, watermelon
    S-more nuts and raisins, small paleo brownie
    D- (late) leftover zucchini lasagna

    –6-9 glasses of water

  29. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) 10 egg whites lots of veggies and a little avacodo
    2) tuna, pepper
    3) protein shake
    4) chicken salad, veggies
    5) tuna and avacodo
    6)chicken salad lots of veggies from subway

  30. Rachel Gustine says:

    B- Eggs
    S- 2 Apples
    L- Young coconut, Nuts
    D- Broccoli, Cauliflower salad
    S- Dates

  31. clayton spinler says:

    b- oatmeal
    L – chicken spinach salad
    D – tacos

    snacks – trail mix

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