June 1st (Week 1)

Were proud of everyone signing up and we hope that everyone sees positive life change in one way or another through this challenge.  You will post what you eat every day under the comment section of each daily post.  Here is a good recipe that I’ve tried and enjoyed! If any of you try it be sure to put your thoughts on it under the comments.  We’d like to know who liked it and who hated it!

Bacon, Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad

beatsalad2You’ve probably heard of BLTs and BLTAs, but have you heard of BEATs? Bacon, Egg, Avocado andTomato salad is a favorite around here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When Vanessa Query sent us her quick and easy recipe for thePrimal Blueprint Reader-Created Cookbook Challenge it was actually an EATs (Egg, Avocado and Tomato salad). However, it should come as a surprise to no one that we couldn’t resist crumbling crispy, fatty bacon on top.

The bacon adds even more protein and flavor to the salad and seasons it with a salty, smoky flavor. The egg and avocado add plenty of healthy fats, so no drizzle of oil is needed for this salad, although you can add a spoonful of mayo if you like. Vanessa makes her version with a generous squirt of lemon that heightens the flavor and also cuts through the richness, lightening and brightening the salad.

yolkandwhiteIn the past we’ve talked plenty about the health benefits of eggsand how to figure out which types of eggs to purchase, but what about cooking the perfect hard boiled egg? The ability to boil an egg is often seen as a culinary skill that even the least talented cook should be able to master. But the truth is, a perfect hard boiled egg is an elusive thing and also somewhat subjective. There are those who like their yolks hard and firm and those who prefer yolks just barely past runny. Either way, there are two main schools of thought on how to cook hard boiled eggs. The first is that the water should be brought to a gentle boil, then the eggs should be added. Using this method, the temperature is then turned down so the water is at a low simmer and the eggs are cooked about ten minutes. The second method adds the eggs to water and then brings the water to a gentle boil. When the water has reached a gentle boil, turn off the heat, cover the pot, and again let the eggs sit for about ten minutes. Just under ten minutes will yield a soft yolk and just over will cook the yolk completely. In all cases, use enough water to fully cover the eggs and immediately soak the eggs in ice water after cooking (or put in the refrigerator).


The fresher your eggs, the more likely it is that the shell will be difficult to peel off. When eggs are fresh, the albumen (egg white) has a low pH level, which causes it to stick to the shell. If your idea of a perfect hard boiled egg involves a smooth egg white then this is one time when you don’t want the egg to be right out of the chicken. However, older yolks are also more prone to taking on a grayish-green color when boiled, although cooking eggs for too long in water that is too hot (avoid a rapid boil) can also speed up the graying.

Personally, our approach is to use fresh eggs, gently cook them for no more than ten minutes and then cool them quickly. We don’t worry about peeling the eggs perfectly because when you mash them into a BEAT salad it doesn’t matter anyway. The cooked eggs have a soft, pillowy texture and rich buttery flavor that blends easily with the other ingredients, creating a salad that will satisfy hunger any time of day or night. Thanks, Vanessa!


ingredients 31

  • 1 ripe avocado, chopped into chunks
  • 2 boiled eggs, chopped into chunks
  • 1 medium-sized tomato, chopped into chunks
  • Juice from one lemon wedge
  • 2-4 cooked pieces of bacon, crumbled (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients together, stirring not too much, but just enough to make some of the avocado and egg into mush.


Recipe taken from (Marks Daily Apple)


About josiahlorentzen

Personal Trainer and Gym Owner. I have a growing desire to see people get healthier!
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36 Responses to June 1st (Week 1)

  1. Dawn Windmiller says:

    Tried the recipe for lunch. Very good!

  2. Rich K says:

    Breakfast: quiche and an apple
    Snack 1: 2 oz bag of almond, cashew, & dried cranberry mix
    Snack 2: handful of baby carrots
    Lunch Small spinach salad and 2 hard-boiled eggs
    snack3: 1 banana
    post workout protein shake
    Dinner: veggie and steak mix

  3. Kasey says:

    Pre-workout: protein shake
    Breakfast: 3 eggs with tomato and onion
    Lunch: lettuce and kale salad with tomatoes and chicken. 2 handfuls of almonds
    Dinner: not great start- Eithiopian for dinner. All was paleo except the bread.

  4. alex powell says:

    b: 2 egg omellete w/ half cup ground turkey, onion, green pepper and spinach mix and half grapefruit
    l: post workout protien shake(half c blue berries, half c black berries, half bananna and handful of spinach w/ powder
    s:1 c grapes and apple
    d: 2 bowls of taco salad w/ green goddes dressing- not so paleo on the dressing

  5. Jake Peterson says:

    Breakfast – 2 eggs & 2 slices of bacon
    Lunch – 3 eggs w/salsa, Apple, Pickle, and Nut mix.
    Dinner – 2 chicken breast and a side salad. About a cup of watermelon.
    Water to drink all day

  6. Kim says:

    Pre-workout: half bananna with almond butter
    Post workout- 4 spoonfuls of sweet potato/applesauce mixture
    Breakfast- Protein shake with spinach, bananna, almond milk and almond butter
    Snack- Handful of pistachos
    Lunch- Chicken with this sausage veggie mixture thing I made on top
    Snack- Larabar
    Dinner- Half a chicken breast with spinach and walnuts
    Snack- Apple with Almond butter

    Water all day

  7. Andrea Amato says:

    B – banana
    L – fresh fruit
    S – sunflower seeds
    D – turkey wrap and watermelon
    S – apple

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      It’s important that your getting enough protein, especially as hard as you are working out. Make sure your gettting at least .7 to 1g of protein per lean body mass.

  8. jadolphson says:

    Pre-WOD: apple, 5 olives
    Post-WOD/Breakfast: Protein shake with one banana, tablespoon of sun nut butter
    Morning snack: 1 apple
    Lunch: Turkey Mix-up (10 oz ground turkey, green pepper, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, jalapenos, and spinach)
    Supper: Turkey Mix-up (same as above), 5 olives, handful of baby carrots

  9. Brad Child says:

    B – 3 egg muffins and protein shake
    L – hamburger patty and handful of nut/fruit mix
    D – chicken breast, spinach, salad, and sweet potato fries

    snacks – almond milk, nut mix, grapes, grapefruit

  10. Darren says:

    M1- Protein Shake
    M2- Turkey Sausage omellete
    M3- Post workout shake
    M4-2 hamburger patties
    M5- Turkey Sausage omellete
    M6- Protein shake

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      Darren it seems that after today your body will be in a state of Ketosis. Not a bad thing for a few days but make sure your getting at least 50+ Grams of good fruits and veggies. Every once in a while it’s good for accelerated weight loss though

  11. Maddy Ruggeberg says:

    apple, banana, 1/2 naked juice
    handful almonds/cashew/pistachio mix
    pork chop
    protein shake
    1/2 pork chop
    apple sauce
    protein shake
    dark chocolate strip
    green peppers

  12. Katherine says:

    pre-workout apple
    post workout protein shake
    Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 turkey sausage w/ avacado and salsa
    Lunch: chix breast, asparagus
    Snack: greek yogurt, cherries
    Dinner: Salad w/ chix breast, almonds, olive oil,salt and pepper

  13. Aaron says:

    Breakfast Lunch and Snacks
    – 1.5 cups of strawberries and blackberries
    – 2 bananas
    – 1 large apple
    – 1/3 cup of unsalted mixed nuts (macadamia, pistacio, cashews ) and pumpkin seeds

    – Iceberg lettuce salad
    – 1/2 tomato
    – Package raisins
    – Pumpkin seeds
    – Grilled chicken breast
    – Aaron’s Inverted Vinegarette (1 tbs olive oil , 2 tbs red wine vinegar, generous blast of cayenne pepper and black pepper, pinch of garlic salt)

    I had meetings for most of the day so I just grazed over my lunch as I had time and I was hungry. Sustained a consistent energy level all day and was able to really focus at work. The day flew by and I felt great.

    When I got home, I wanted garbage for dinner. I didn’t succumb but it wasn’t easy. I finished up strong and I’m packed up for tomorrow.

  14. sonya says:

    Breakfast-protein shake at post workout
    Lunch – Grilled Mahi Mahi and gilled veggies
    diet coke and a glass of water
    Dinner -Grilled chicken breast, 1/4 cup of fruit, salad with raspberry vinagarette
    Snack -1/3 Cup of almonds, 1/3 cup of dried apricots

  15. Taryn says:

    eggwhites, avocado, and tomato

    protein shake

    turkey burger, tomato, and salad

    cottage cheese, salad with chx

  16. Zach Thomas says:

    same thing as Cristina but more…

    Breakfast– 3 egg whites, 2 whole eggs scrambled with turkey sausage (seasoned with a
    little sea salt and ground pepper), 2 cups black coffee
    Lunch/snacks- 2 servings unsalted cashews and 1 serving dried (no sugar added)
    Dinner- paleo zucchini lasagna and a paleo brownie for dessert

    –and we both drank 5-7 glasses of water throughout the day..

  17. Cristina Thomas says:

    sorry about the double post… when i put mine in initially it was deleted when I entered Zach’s so I figured entering our combined would be the easiest way to go since we log together and eat together for the most part…

  18. Kayla Bartz says:

    B- 1 apple
    L- almonds and cherries- Salad with chicken
    D- Protein shake, 1/2 pork chop, grapes

    • josiahlorentzen says:

      More Protein Kayla!! Lots more protein. You should probably be getting at least 95g per day

  19. Jessica Hoefer says:

    Breakfast: 2 egg omelette with tomato and onion, 1 slice of bacon
    snack/pre-workout: bowl of cherries
    post workout: protein shake and banana
    snack: small portion of veggie and steak mix
    dinner: piece of vegetable quiche and protein bar
    snack: piece of vegetable quiche and 5 strawberries
    drank water all day

  20. Dawn Windmiller says:

    B- protein shake
    L- Bacon, egg, avocado + tomato salad
    S- Almonds
    D -No time…left over bacon, egg, avocado + tomato salad 🙂

  21. mdnimrick says:

    BF: 3 eggs, 2 tbs oatmeal, 1 apple, 16 oz unsweetened ice tea
    Snack: 1/2 scoop protein powder with water while mowing
    Lunch: large spinach salad (~4 cups) with ~1 cup broccoli and ~1 cup cauliflower. 1.5 chicken breasts, 1 tbs olive oil, ~1 cup chopped strawberries, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.
    Dinner: ~4-6 ounces italian beef (need a scale) with salsa on top. ~3 cups of frozen broccoli and green beans with 1 tbs olive oil. Had this at the table while the rest of my family had spaghetti.
    Snack: Shake – 8oz water + ice, 1 cup frozen blueberries and raspberries. Handful walnuts and 1/2 scoop protein powder. Delicioso.

    Definitely needed more fat at breakfast for my 9am workout because I ran out of gas quickly.

  22. Greg says:

    B – eggs & spinach
    S – apple
    L – beef jerky and almonds
    S – banana
    D – Turkey & broccoli

  23. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) Chicken and veggies

    2) Protein drink, vitamins, yellow pepper

    3) 3 cage free eggs, 4 egg whites, lots of veggies

    4) Paleo kit

  24. crystal says:

    Hmm.. Well I can’t seem to find the first post.. I know I had a 2 salads with chicken on (one lunch one dinner) I had about 5 cups of watermelon and fruit. a larabar. some egg quiche recipe i made, my original post got lost so I am having a problem recalling what i all ate

  25. Austin Vallejo says:

    B – Banana Bread Lara Bar (Delicious!) & an apple
    S – Jalapeno Flavored Almonds
    L – Chicken & Steamed Cinnamon Carrots
    S – Fruit & Nut Lara Bar
    D – Paleo Banana Pancakes & 4 strips Turkey Bacon

    • Austin Vallejo says:

      Actually that last Dinner was more of a late night thing… forgot that my ACTUAL dinner was a spinach salad from Subway w/ double chicken breast, cucumber, green peps, jalapeno’s & oil & vinegar.

  26. Tifani Vallejo says:

    Breakfast- Protein shake and 2 eggs
    Lunch- chicken breast, steamed carrots with honey and cinnamon
    Snack- Peanut Butter Larabar and some pineapple (I don’t remember the actual name of the larabar I just remember the peanut butter)
    Later Snack- Protein shake and a banana
    Dinner- Chicken salad

    I also had a sugar free almond iced coffee with soy milk…not taking coffee completely out of the diet. 🙂 But I drank water with all my meals and snacks.

  27. Scott Sievert says:

    June 1st

    Total cals 1756 Fat = 110g Protein= 136g Carb= 64g per FitDay

    Egg, whole, fried
    Broccoli, cooked
    Mixed salad greens, raw
    Spinach, raw
    Bratwurst, cooked
    Tomatoes, raw
    Pineapple, raw
    Berries, raw
    Egg, whole, boiled
    Avocado, raw
    Celery, raw
    Olives, green, stuffed

  28. Jason Kneen says:

    Breakfast: Fiber one bar
    Lunch: 2 Hamburgers (yes with buns)
    Supper: Grilled Chicken fruit salad

    Yep….I blew it! Always tomorrow.

  29. Rachel Gustine says:

    Trail Mix
    Green Drink

  30. clayton says:

    B – oatmeal
    L – mongolian beef and black pepper chicken
    D – 2 brats no buns

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