February 9th (Day 30 of 50)


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17 Responses to February 9th (Day 30 of 50)

  1. Jess says:

    Breakfast: Strawberry/Peach/Avocado/Egg Smoothie
    Lunch: Paleo Soup and raisins
    Snack: Strawberry/Peach Salad and Avocado
    Dinner: 3 Hard boiled eggs and raisins
    Snack: Apple and 2 clementines

  2. Amy says:

    post workout protein shake
    b-paleo pancakes
    s-small piece of chicken
    l-chicken green peppers with avocado
    d-pork chop broccoli zuchini
    s-protein shake

  3. Greg says:


    bbq pork

    roast beef onion bell pepper pesto wrap (cheat with tortilla)

    chicken, bacon, egg, avocado salad

    chicken baked in semi-paleo store bought marinade, with nuts added

  4. Tuttle says:

    1. Eggs & Salsa
    2. Juice Fast the rest of the day

  5. Courtney Ritchie says:


    trail mix


    beef jerky

  6. Tony says:

    Post WOD Protien Shake

    Baby Carrots
    1 Orange

    Smoothie (Ice, Frozen Strawberries, Protien Powder, Water)
    4 Egg Scramble w/ On and GPs

  7. bobby_angela says:

    angela –
    coffee with fixins

    naked smoothie drink

    salad with sunflower seeds, ham, broccoli, ginger dressing

    post wod protein drink

    salad with chicken breast, broccoli, mixed greens, sunflower seeds, ginger dressing, dried cranberries

    “paleo custard” – coconut milk, almond flour, egg, nutmeg, cinnamon (good flavor but turned out way too thin for custard)

    strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries

  8. Jordan Brown says:

    B: Banana, almonds, coffee w cream

    L: Naked fajitas (chicken, lettuce, bell peppers), green beans, and a turkey side salad (spin/lett, tom, cuc, bacon bits, bell peppers, pepper)

    S: Fruit bowl (Banana, grapes, melon, pineapple)

    D: Beef (too much), chicken, and a side salad (spin/lett, tom, cuc, bell pepper, pepper), carrots.

    S: blackberry sage tea w/ honey

  9. Tiffany says:

    breakfast: boiled egg, 4 oz. turkey burger, 2 slices turkey bacon, banana
    snack: walnuts
    lunch: 8 oz. turkey burger, 2 slices turkey bacon, apple
    snack: grapes
    dinner: roasted chicken salad(subway)
    snack: clementine, larabar, almonds
    snack: weight watchers ice cream cup.

  10. Caroline says:

    berry smoothie with banana

    2 egg omelet with spinach and shrimp

    german style hamburgers with cucumber salad and spinach salad


    ok, so I was bad today…I baked these almond flour mini muffins with carrots (paleo of course) and while I was eating the first one I thought “Hm, that would be good with some nutella” and then I found out that it is good with nutella and had two with nutella. So…
    a couple of mini almond muffins
    beef jerky

  11. Kasey says:

    BF: 2 hard boiled eggs – naked blue juice

    lunch: 4 chicken lips, salad, chicken tortilla soup. Apple cider

    dinner: big salad: spinach, lettuce, toasted pumpkin seeds and walnuts, tomatos, cucumbers, brocolli, avacado, green onion, celery and carrot. Dressing: seseame seed oil with lemon and lime juice, garlic and pepper. Red Grapes for dessert.

  12. Kevin says:

    Pre: Apple
    Post: Shake
    S: Carrots
    L: deli turkey meat with carrots and grapes and trail mix
    S: jerkey, trail mix, orange
    D: paleo fried chicken! amazing (minced onion, sesame seeds, almond flour fried in olive oil) and broccoli and carrots
    Snacks throughout the day were jerkey and trail mix and raisins)

  13. Becky says:

    b – protein shake, one hard boiled egg, cantelope, grapes
    l – two hard boiled eggs, celery with salsa, walnuts
    snack – beef jerky and apple
    d – cauliflower and guacamole, ground beef with green peppers, onions, and organic tomato sauce

  14. chad says:

    breakfast: two eggs with some turkey bacon and a protein shake
    snack: apple and a coffee
    lunch: grilled burger patties, veggies, broccoli
    snack: apple
    post workout protein shake
    dinner: pecan crusted salmon with mashed cauliflower

  15. taryn says:

    cantaloupe, turkey bacon and coffee

    protein shake and spinach salad

    carrots, almonds

    pecan encrusted salmon with mashed cauliflower

  16. clayton says:

    breakfast pizza(i was working and only food was gas station)

    protein shake

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