January 23rd (Day 13)


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28 Responses to January 23rd (Day 13)

  1. Courtney Ritchie says:

    We are only on day 13…ugh, I was thinking we were a lot farther 🙂

  2. Jaker says:

    Breakfast – Water
    Lunch – Wise guys pizza Buffet
    Dinner – Osaka

    Cut me some slack today is my Bday. LOL Went alittle off course, but aleast it is not cake and ice cream!

  3. Greg says:

    Clementine, Banana

    Protein shake after Jake’s killer B-day WOD.

    4oz natural sausage, 1egg 2 egg whites, spinach, apple

    roast beef, tomatoes, banana peppers, wrapped in lettuce

    steak kabob

  4. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) 4 oz steak, 2 eggs, half slice wheat bread

    2) paleo kit

    3) Paleo kit

    4) paleo pancake

    5) almond butter

  5. Jess says:

    Breakfast: Wasn’t hungry
    Lunch: 2 Hard boiled eggs, zucchini, and cashew butter
    Snack: 2 clementins
    Dinner: Turkey meatballs (ground turkey and seasonings, cooked in coconut oil), zucchini
    Snack: Strawberry and banana shake.

  6. Tuttle says:

    2.3 eggs,2 tomato
    3. meatloaf,sal
    4.almost had ice cream,decided to get some peanut butter and dip dates in it. watched my girl crush about 10 matts cookies.

  7. POP-TART says:

    Post workout: protein shake
    Breakfast: smoothie(stawberries, OJ, 1 egg),4 eggs
    Snack: carrots
    Snack: salad

  8. Amy says:

    b-paleo pancakes
    l-chicken vegies
    s-apple with almond butter
    d-Christmas Party you don’t even want to know but I have the worst stomach ache ever!

  9. Kasey says:

    Pre-Workout: Protein Shake
    Post Workout: Larabar and a few almonds
    Lunch: leftover chicken and squash
    Dinner: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomoatos, pine nuts, onion
    later: sauted mushrooms
    dessert: apple

  10. Caroline says:

    2 hard boiled eggs, fruit salad

    chicken breast with mixed greens/pepper/tomato salad

    poached cod over carrot-onion vegetables and sautéed spinach

    3 beers

    banana, 1/2 pear, nuts

  11. Tiffany says:

    breakfast: 6 oz pork chop, 2 eggs, canteloupe
    lunch: banana, apple
    dinner: #2 cheat meal: 2 chicken tacos and lots of chips and salsa.
    snack: cashews(i know)

    On the scale this week i lost nothing!!

  12. Taryn says:

    protein shake

    two eggs, canadian bacon with avocado and tomato, coffee

    trail mix (dried fruit and almonds)

    salad with bacon, avocado, chicken, tomato, banana peppers, wine


  13. chad says:

    Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, canadian bacon, strawberries and bananas.
    Snack: Lara bar and a protein shake
    Lunch:Snack mix dried fruit
    Dinner: Grilled Salmon, with broccoli and asparagus
    Snack: Lara bar

  14. Tony says:

    Big time cheat day for me today :/

    “Naked” drink
    1 apple

    6″ subway sandwich
    potato salad
    2 cookies

    a million chicken wings
    a million coors lights

    Back on the saddle tomorrow!

  15. Jordan Brown says:

    B: eggs/banana the eggs had a little bit of potatoes in it..but i couldn’t really help that lol

    S: orange/banana

    L: “naked quesadilla”

  16. Jordan Brown says:

    S: blackberry sage tea w/ honey

    D: subway salad..chicken breast lettuce tom. cuc. jalapenos. onions. oil/pepper.

    water all day.


  17. bobby_angela says:

    Bf: cheat 😦
    lunch: egg and veggies
    dinner: orange chicken and veggies

    Not feeling well this weekend

  18. Angee says:

    pre workout
    ??? probably eggs

    Post workout
    stuffed pepper

    side salad

    almond butter

  19. Hannah says:

    Happy Birthday Jake!!

    Okay, well update: I’m feeling GREAT besides being sick right now. Haven’t lost any weight but i think I’ve lost a little fat- i think you can see it in my back. Or maybe it’s all in my head? Whatever.

    Anyway, this is officially Day 3 of the No Booze for A While challenge. We are doing a strength bias program from now on with a CFT challenge ending in March. So I’m trying to treat my body as well as possible and do well. Also a part of that: broke up with the JERK I was seeing.. healthy happy mind is part of having a happy healthy body, right?? 🙂

    B- Like 6 oz chicken, i was starving! some walnuts, a clementine
    L: clementine x2
    D- Ton of shrimp, carrots, broccoli, etc.
    S- A flattened fruit bar

    B- Hardboiled eggs, a grapefruit
    L- Lara bar
    D-Chicken and shrimp grilled up with peppers and mushrooms

    L- clementine, a few chocolate chips (oops!), a bunch of grilled chicken leftovers
    S- Cheat!!!!! Had ice cream, a mix of Chocochip cookie dough and Coffee Oreo!
    D- Omelet with peppers, broccoli, mushrooms! And then some walnuts and chicken

    Miss you guys!!

  20. Courtney Ritchie says:


    salad (lettuce, onion, green pepper, lemon juice dressing)

    trail mix

    turkey, pickle, 1 slice of quesdilla (chicken)

    100 calorie pack of chocolate chip cookies

    drank water all day

  21. Rcarver says:

    Breakfast- 4 egg whites and a clementine
    lunch- muscel milk and some fruit
    dinner- ground turkey and veggies and some fruit
    snack pineapple

  22. clayton says:

    4 eggs



  23. sarah M says:

    B-banana and orange
    L- tilapia with lemon and pepper seasoning, mixed veggies and some strawberries
    D- Sushi and habachi yummy

  24. Kevin says:

    Breakfast: Lots of eggs, banana, bacon
    I don’t think I had a snack (maybe some almonds?)
    Lunch: Cosi’s sandwich – half whole grain flat bread with turkey and bacon and mayo, cup of tomato bisque soup, apple, quarter piece of Liv’s brownie
    Snack: Jerkey and paleo banana bread
    Dinner: Korean restaurant – Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry mixed with ice to drink (very healthy, real fruit), chicken, string beans, green pepper, onion

  25. Keri says:

    Breakfast: Water and bag full of purple grapes

    Lunch: Banana, Turkey Wrap Sandwich with a little oil, oregano, lettuce tomatoe, green peppers

    Dinner: 4 Egg White Omlet with cheese

    Drinks: Water, 0 cal lifewater because I miss it, and some milk with dinner

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