January 22nd (Day 12)

Tangy Strawberry Soup
Scott Hagnas
August 2008

Prep time: 10 minutes
Chilling time: 2 hours
• 1 quart strawberries
• 4 Tbsp balsamic vinegar, divided
• 1/2 tsp cinnamon
• 1/2 tsp orange zest
• 1/2 tsp lemon zest
• 1 Tbsp orange juice
• 1/2 cup coconut milk

Remove the stems from all of the strawberries. Reserve 10-20 strawberries; cut these berries into thin slices. Place in a bowl, then drizzle with 2 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar. Cover and chill in the refrigerator for two hours.

Puree the rest of the strawberries in a blender with the remaining ingredients except the coconut milk(adding only the remaining 2 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar). Once the berry mix is pureed, add the coconut milk slowly. Puree until smooth. Pour the soup into a bowl, cover and chill in the ‘fridge for 2 hours.

Serve in small bowls with the sliced strawberries on top. You can add a dollop of coconut milk for added garnish, if you like!

Zone info: 4 servings at 1 carb block, 4 fat blocks


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Personal Trainer and Gym Owner. I have a growing desire to see people get healthier!
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25 Responses to January 22nd (Day 12)

  1. Tony says:

    Post WOD:
    Protein Shake

    1 Apple
    1 Banana

    Veggie Salad w/
    -1 Tomato
    -1 Avacado
    -Green Peppers
    -Diced Ham

    Also had a few Chocolate Chip cookies:( They had them in the staff cafe and they looked delicious!

    Wanted to post now, because I might not be able to post later tonight. Dinner will probably be another salad of some sort.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Pre-workout: egg white, half a banana
    Breakfast: 4oz. steak and 2 eggs, grapefruit
    Snack: beef jerky
    Lunch: 4oz chicken 6 carrots, pineapple
    Snack: strawberries, few cashews(oops!)
    Dinner: 2 lettuce wraps stuffed with turkey bacon and tomatos (yummy!)

    I forgot to mention last night some changes I noticed: my skin tone is more even and healthier looking, I have fewer dimples in the back of my thighs and booty. 🙂

  3. Jordan Brown says:

    B: Banana and blackberry sage tea w/ honey

    L: Hamburger patty, grilled tomatoes, cooked onions/peppers, side salad (lettuce, tom, cuc, turkey, lil bacon bits, sprouts, carrots, oil/pepper, apple.

    Pre-bball practice: Banana

    D: Pot roast, cooked carrots, small salad (lett, cuc, sprouts, turkey, tom, oil/pepper.

    will prolly have fruit later tonight + water all day

    felt much better today..less cravings 🙂

  4. Tuttle says:

    1.shake-berries,banana,almond meal,almond butter,eggs,honey,flax
    -thinking some red wine tonight(good for muscle recovery and mind wandering)

  5. Courtney Ritchie says:

    raisins and sunflower seeds

    Salad (lettuce, carrots, broccoli) fork dipped in ranch…forgot my lemon juice today! 😦

    Salad (similar to lunch)

    Popcorn…I know, not Paleo, but out REAL popcorn machine has been calling my name for 2 weeks, only one bowl full I promise 🙂

    Drank water all day.

  6. Amy says:

    pre workout clementine
    post workout protein shake
    b-two paleo pancakes
    s-mixed nuts
    l-chicken vegies strawberries
    d-steak vegies strawberries

  7. Greg says:


    7oz steak, 1 Gpepper, some spinach & onions

    Roast beef & peppers, Chili (Couldn’t avoid a lot of the beans)

    Shared fajitas(no tortillas) & ceviche with my wife at Cafe Fresh

    Popcorn at a movie (no butter)

  8. Angee says:

    4 oz chicken

    and nasty chicken ceasar salad (just chicken and lettuce)

    1 egg
    2.5 oz chicken

    alomond butter

    Post soccer game
    protein smoothie

  9. Kasey says:

    BF: 2 eggs with homemade salsa. Green naked shake

    lunch: salad with lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds and lime. 1 banana bread Larabar (what a nice treat!)

    Dinner was Bob’s company’s Christmas party – I know, a little late. I ate about 5 meatballs, some chicken and roast beef (which obviously had a lot of salt – because my mouth swooned) and sauted veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini)

    Dessert: green grapes

  10. Taryn says:

    cantaloupe, 1/2 protein shake

    egg whites with turkey bacon, tomato

    coffee, spinach salad, ham

    cucumber roll from osaka (cucumber, crab and avocado), shrimp, salad

    part of a Larabar

  11. Breakfast: Three Eggs with some spicy humas

    Snack dried fruit and nuts

    Coffee Carmel Machiatto w Soy – It’s Friday

    Lunch: Salad with chicken breast


    Dinner: Salmon / Broc & Carrots / Potato with mush & onions

    Snack: Nasty popcorn at movie

  12. Jaker says:

    Breakfast – 3 eggs, 2  bacon & banana
    Lunch – Subway Salad. All vegies, oil and vinager.
    Dinner – TRH. Side Salad, Steak w/ mushrooms and onions and Vegies

  13. chad says:

    breakfast: 2 eggs and turkey bacon. Paleo banana bread. Protein shake
    snack: apple, peaches, and an unsweetened tea
    lunch: subway salad with turkey, green peppers, onions, jalapeno’s
    snack: apple and a coffee
    dinner: cucumber roll from osaka, shrimp, salad with ginger dressing
    snack: naked protein shake and a lara bar

  14. Rcarver says:

    Breakfast- 3 eggs and 2 Clementines

    Snack- muscel milk light

    Lunch- ground turkey and mixed veggies. Apple

    dinner- steak and veggies

  15. Caroline says:

    post wod
    1 banana and walnuts

    2 eggs sunny side up with sautéed carrot and zucchini

    1 can tuna and left over mash from dinner last night

    went out to Red Crow had a pork chop with asparagus and a little bit of spinach and 2 glasses white wine

    nuts, larabar, blueberry-strawberry smoothie

  16. Becky says:

    b – coffee, 2 hard boiled eggs
    l – taco bell 3 fresco steak tacos mixed together without shell
    snack – apple, walnuts
    d – ground turkey, salsa wrapped in lettuce
    glass of red wine

  17. Jess says:

    Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs and sunflower seeds
    Post WOD: Protein Shake
    Lunch: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, zucchini, and cashew butter
    Dinner: NOT PALEO

    Zucchini and cashew butter is mynew favorite paleo snack. Kind of like eating crackers and peanut butter just not as heavy.

  18. bobby_angela says:

    bf: larabar, 1 cup coffee with fixins
    lunch: paleo soup, red band mocha
    dinner: bison ribs with carrots and asparagus

    • bobby_angela says:

      bf: apple and coffee
      lunch: paleo meatloaf
      snack: couple eggs
      dinner: grilled salmon, crab meat, honey glazed carrots, broccoli

  19. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) 4 egg omelot

    2) paleo kit

    3) pizza

  20. clayton says:

    4 eggs


    mixed veggies

  21. sarah M says:

    B- banana
    L-pot roast with carrots and broccli
    D- Awful I know but grilled cheese and ice cream

  22. Kevin says:

    Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, watermelon
    Snack: Popcorn (oops)
    Lunch: Jimmy John’s slim turkey with lettuce wrap instead of bread, clementine, apple, almonds, jerkey
    Snack: paleo banana bread, more jerkey
    Dinner: Striped bass, scallops, osso buco (baby cow), walnuts, tiny bit of potatoes, cabbage, green beans, multigrain roll, glass of red wine
    Dessert: Mini chocolate mousse, mini pumpkin cheesecake, mini berry tart (very small portions, bite size)
    *Again, a moral victory given my choices in Chicago.

  23. Keri says:

    Breakfast: Banana

    Lunch: Salad w/ tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, few sunflower seeds like usual at work – bought a grilled chicken sandwhich and cut the chicken up to mix in my salad – it was probably seasoned some

    Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup – Ate some of the noodles – Applesauce and a Apple

    Snacks: A few cheezits – oops

    Water, Skim Milk

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