January 16th (Day 6)



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28 Responses to January 16th (Day 6)

  1. Tony says:

    1 apple
    1 tomato

    1 cup of blueberries
    handful of almonds
    leftover chicken, greenpepper, on, tom scramble

    Had to post it otherwise I would of forgot by tonight. Put dinner up later.

    • Tony says:

      chicken breast
      1/2 cucumber
      1 cup of lima beans sautee’d in some olive oil<—yes I know they are a "bean", but they are green and delciious

      thawing some pork chops for tomorrow because I have had my fill of chicken the last four days!

  2. Tiffany says:

    breakfast: boiled egg, apple
    Brunch: 2 eggs fried in O.O., grapefruit, 2 BLT lettuce wraps (sooo good, Turkey bacon and tomato wrapped in lettuce, yummy)
    snack: few almonds and an apple
    dinner: Steak, fried green beans with almond slices.

    Tonight: I will be using two cheat meals on the drinks i will be enjoying for the rest of the night. 🙂 Happy Saturday!!

  3. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) 4 egg omelot with green/banana peppers, jalapeno, onion, half a slice of wheat bread….i know but I was starving and i was eating at a gas station in Elkader, iowa.

    2) beef jerky and mixed nuts and dried fruit

    3) paleo kit ordered off line. jerky almonds, macadamia nuts and dried cranberry

    4) Shrimp and brussel sprouts, asparagus, squash, yllw pepper. veggies cooked in coconut oil.

    5) paleo pancake. 2 whole eggs 1 egg white in it.

  4. Amy says:

    b-protein shake with banana
    d-1 1/2 pancakes bowl of life cereal
    not feeling good great cheat meal trying to calm stomach

  5. Jaker says:

    Breakfast – ALOT of H2O
    Lunch – A Banana
    Dinner – VI Skillet. Might have had pancakes also!
    Had a bad Paleo day today. Wasn’t feeling good at all and didn’t really eat anything till about 2. Then wanted to get out of the house and cheated a little with some VI. But back at it hardcore in the morning. Still proud of myself for no POP yet.  

  6. Jordan Brown says:

    B: scrambled eggs with salsa and jalapeno peppers

    Post wod: apple

    L: Grilled chicken salad (mrs dash seasoning) w/ spinach and grilled peppers

    D: Subway grilled chicken salad w/ spinach, tom, cuc, onions, jalapenos, green peppers, oil/vinegar/pepper

    water all day

    i’ll prolly eat some sort of fruit here soon too 🙂

  7. Bbartz says:

    B: 3eggs, apple, 1/2 avacado, almond butter

    Post WOD: shake 30g protein, 40g Carbs

    L: Deer, onion, R pepper, pickle, mushrooms, garlic,

    S: 1/2 apple, almond butter

    D: Deer, jalapeño, onion, mushroom, pickle,
    green salsa, avacado,1/2 apple, almond butter

    I think I ate enough fat for the whole gym today.

  8. Taryn says:

    Breakfast- pear, turkey, 2 eggs
    Lunch- sliced ham on salad with pears
    Snack- almonds and half a banana
    Dinner- Grilled chx salad with mand. oranges, pecans, carats, and some ahi tuna

  9. Chad says:

    breakfast- 2 eggs with turkey and apple, naked shake
    lunch- salad with turkey and pears
    Snack- almonds and apple
    Dinner- grouper with mixed veggies and some ahi tuna

  10. Courtney says:

    No Breakfast today…not feeling the best.


    Chicken breast, green peppers, onion, lettuce, tomato

    strawberry/peach/water smoothie

    Drank water all day.

  11. Rcarver says:

    Breakfast- 6 egg whites and a banana

    lunch- primerib sandwich and a salad

    Dinner- beer

    I know not a good day

  12. Katherine says:

    breakfast: 1 Hard boiled egg, 2 cuties, 2 kiwi
    snack: nut mix
    Dinner: (cheat meal): Filet, Brie salad, Duck app, orzo 1 glass of wine(I wanted more)

  13. bobby_angela says:

    Sleep bobby_angela: 9 hrs

    bf: bobby_angela
    coffee with fixins (had issues with bf food today)

    lunch bobby_angela:
    chicken breast baked in coconut oil with broccoli and carrots and avocado. Veggie egg hash on side. Bowl of fruit (pear, orange, and peach) with pecans.

    Snack bobby_angela:
    org turkey jerky (approved ingredient list)

    snack bobby:
    coffee with fixins
    snack angela:
    iced mocha (bad!)

    dinner bobby_angela:
    salad (lettuce carrots and balsamic vinegrette)
    lobster tail and grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli (no butter!!) with lots of lemon juice.

    Snack bobby_angela:
    sample of apple chips (approved ingredient list)

  14. Kasey says:

    bf: 3 eggs, tomato and onion. Apple Cider
    lunch: almonds
    dinner: hamburger patty and roasted brussel sprouts.
    1 piece of banana bread with no sugar or oil

  15. Angee says:

    2 eggs 2 egg whites
    2 slices turkey

    beef jerky


    3oz steak
    yellow & red peppers

    1/4 apple
    few pieces of cantelope

    Today had lots of temptation 2 yr old birthday party w/ pizza and a huge cake! Then another birthday party with spaghitti, hot wings, and rotel…Athough I probably ate too many cashews I think i did pretty good all things considered 🙂

  16. clayton says:

    3 eggs orange pepper ham onion mushroom

    Apple glazed salmon
    w/ spinach in a wine sauce

  17. POP-TART says:

    Breakfast: shake(strawberries, OJ, 1 egg)
    Snack: salad
    Dinner: salmon

  18. Greg says:

    Post workout:
    Naked protein shake
    3 egg whites 1/2 green pepper 1/3onion
    grilled pork tenderloin
    chopped peppers used to dip guacamole.
    Night out at charity a trivia night. hard not to cheat..
    the wine helped… When having to explain the Paleo diet, it’s so nice to have the $1k pot to help rationalize it for people. Otherwise most think this is the craziest thing since the Rubik’s cube.

  19. Tuttle says:

    1.apple,almond butter
    2.eggs with tons of veggies, almonds
    3. mixed fruit
    4.tons of veggie and ham soup, mac. nuts

  20. Caroline says:

    fruit salad with walnuts

    salad with shrimp and eggs

    bison roast with roasted winter veggies, salad and 2 glasses of white wine

    1 larabar

  21. Kevin says:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and an egg white, banana

    Post workout: Fruit smoothie – straw, peach, pineapple with 2 scoops of protein

    Lunch: Minnestrone soup and 2 stuffed mushrooms (had a bit of cheese). Teriyake salmon and broccoli at Johnny’s Steak House. Had a couple bites of ice cream and creme brule (again, Liv’s birthday meal…with her dad).

    Snack: Mixed nuts, paleo cookie

    Dinner: Corn, chicken soup with celery. I caved on two small pieces of pizza from papa murphey’s (Liv’s bro is in town).

    Snack: Pumpkin muffin – not paleo enough. The pumpkin was organic, but it had some chocolate chips and cake mix in it.

    *Terrible cheat day. Company makes it really hard. I may have even forgotten some things, I didn’t write anything down. Probably some miscellaneous things like nuts or fruit?

  22. Becky says:

    B-3 eggs over easy with ham/turkey bacon and banana
    Snack – handful of almonds and carrots
    L-Jimmy John’s “Unwich” – turkey, sprouts, tomatoes, mayo(i know) wrapped in iceburg lettuce
    Snack – carrots with guacamole
    D-6oz filet mignon, house salad, baked beans, glass of red wine
    Snack – miller lite

    Cheat day for me

  23. Jess says:

    Breakfast: 4 eggs and spinach

    Snack: Banana and almond butter

    Lunch: Grilled Vegetables

    Snack: Orange

    Dinner: Banana, blueberries, spinach, and protein shake. (Craving ice cream, so I made a shake)

  24. josiahlorentzen says:

    Breakfast Shake
    Berries, Cocanut Milk, Protein, Water

    Veggies and Lettuce Dear Steak Wraps

    Dried Apples and a Probiotic Drink

    Veggies and Dear

  25. sarah M says:

    Breakfast:banana, 2 hard boiled eggs
    lunch: hot dog (bad i know)
    dinner:chicken breast, mixed veggies and fruit..

  26. Keri says:

    My 30th Bday party but I actually did decent at skipping most of the good food, but not great.
    I budgeted the rest of the day to have some of this food

    Ate the meat off the sub sandwiches but ate some taco dip and chips…ate some pickle wraps…a couple doritos…what else..Oh yeah a couple cheese dip and chips…Captain and Diet Coke x like 4!

    Paleo was out the door today!!! Happy Birthday to me HAHA

    I skipped my cake!

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