January 15th (Day 5)

5 Sweet and Savory Paleo Shakes!


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35 Responses to January 15th (Day 5)

  1. Tony says:

    1 apple
    1 orange

    chicken breast
    1 cup of blueberries
    1/2 a cucumber
    a few celery sticks
    palm full of almonds

    4 egg scramble with…
    a chicken breast
    green peppers
    1 whole tomato

    feeling better today!

  2. Breakfast:Two Eggs with Salsa / Hot Tea w/honey

    Soy Carmel Mach

    Chicken Breast Salad with Salsa / Water with lemon

    Four bites of a demon possessed brownie sunday, who ordered that with 4 spoons?

    Snack: Handful of Almonds / Soy Latte

    Dinner: Mixed Veggies with Steak Chunks

  3. Amy says:

    b protein shake w/banana
    l pork chop broccoli cauliflower clementine
    s guac on peppers nuts
    d steak asparagus broccoli kiwi strawberries

  4. Jess says:

    Breakfast: Banana and cashews
    Snack: Orange
    Lunch: Chicken and fruit salad
    Dinner: Steak, onions, peppers, and avacodo slices.

  5. Greg says:

    Banana pancakes, turkey bacon
    Apple, clementine, 2oz roast beef
    Preworkout naked protein shake
    12oz gyro meat & spinach salad
    found out afterwards gyro meat not so lean
    naked steak shishakbob
    red wine

  6. Courtney Ritchie says:

    1 banana
    1 orange

    salad with onion, peppers, carrots, lemon juice dressing, sunflower seeds

    snack mix (apricots, sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds)

    Tuna with lettuce, onion, cucumber, green peppers, tomato

    strawberry/peach/water smoothie

  7. Courtney Ritchie says:

    Is there really such a thing called Paleo milk and if so what is it and where do you buy it? I found a receipe for a salad dressing and it says to add Paleo milk, did not know if this was really a true thing…

  8. Katherine says:

    Pre work-out: pear
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, apple
    Snack: nut mix
    Lunch: chicken, mushrooms, brocl, cal, pineapple, green peppers
    Snack: blueberries
    Dinner: grilled salmon, grilled summer squash, asparagus
    Feeling so much better:)

  9. Rcarver says:

    Breakfast- 3 egg whites. Some pineapple and a banana.

    Lunch- chicken with peppers, onions, and tomatos. 1 Clementine

    Dinner- pork chops with mixed veggies.

    Snack- an apple

  10. Caroline says:

    1/2 apple, 1 kiwi, 1 orange, pineapple, walnuts

    chicken salad

    sashimi, squid and seaweed salad

    larabar, nuts

    • Caroline says:

      for some reason I cannot leave a comment on yesterday’s list so here it goes for yesterday:

      1 kiwi, 1 grapefruit, blackberries, 1/2 apple, pineapple, walnuts

      tuna salad on greens

      moroccan chicken casserole (marksdailyapple)
      tossed green salad

      larabar, nuts+raisins

  11. Tiffany says:

    pre-workout: egg white, 1/2 banana
    breakfast: 2 eggs fried in O.O. and a grapefruit
    snack: almonds
    lunch: pineapple and cantaloupe
    snack: apple and almonds
    dinner: Outback
    Salad (no cheese no croutons)(i took my own sunflower seeds!! really? am i that girl?!?!) vinegar and oil
    Chicken breast and sweet potato.
    Passed on the bread and the bloomin’ onion!!

  12. sarah M says:

    breakfast- banana
    lunch- appple, 3 hard boiled eggs, water
    dinner- beef stew with a ton a veggies… go me!

  13. Tyler Tisue says:

    1) 2 whole eggs, 5 egg whites, banana

    2) roasted almonds and beef jerky

    3) subway salad w/ steak, onion, pepper, jalapeno, spinach, and banana peppers.

    4) mixed bag of dried fruit and nuts…it was only thing available at the convenient store!

    5) 10 oz ribeye steak and a salad w/ ranch dressing….longest day ever…i deserved a nice dinner 🙂

    1 beer later 😦

  14. Jaker says:

    Breakfast – Fruit Smoothie ( Banana, Strawberries, and pure OJ)
    Lunch – 3 eggs, peppers, and olives. Scoope of cashews and rasins and Apple
    Dinner – Subway Salad ( no chesse and no dressing) oil and vinager. 

  15. Jordan Brown says:

    Pre-wod: Banana

    B: 4 scrambled eggs w/ spinach, ham, tomatoes, salsa, and green pepppers

    L: Grilled chicken, green beans, 3 orange slices, side salad (greens, tom, cuc, little broiled chicken dices, few raisins, and sprouts, oil+pepper) apple

    S: Banana and beef jerky (whoops it had sugar grams)

    D: cantaloupe

    Water all day

  16. Becky says:

    Preworkout Protein Shake
    Postworkout Protein Shake
    B – blackberries, grapes, whole kiwi
    L – Taco bell – 2 fresco steak tacos – contents poured out into bowl without tortilla
    Snack – walnuts, apple
    Dinner – Salad with lots of stuff (radishes, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, sunflower seeds, ham, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, pepper)

  17. Bbartz says:

    Naked protein shake, nut mix, coffee blk

    chicken, onions, bell peppers, tomatos, lettuce, guac, little sour cream (it was mixed in with the guac)

    synergy probiotics drink
    protein shake, almonds

    grouper, green beans, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms

    ps…I’m in love with naked juice protein shakes!!! But not so in love with the $4 price tag:(. I’m working on being able to buy them wholesale to sell in the gym….cross ur fingers.

    protein shake

  18. Kasey says:

    bf: 3 eggs with tomato and onion. Green Naked Shake
    lunch: salad: spinach, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, unsalted sunflower seeds with vinager and oil. 2 oranges.
    snack: almonds
    dinner: tuna steak and 1/2 acorn sqaush
    later: went to trivia night – ate some meatballs, not entirely sure why. And I ate lots of green grapes.

  19. Taryn says:

    Breakfast- eggwhites, cantalope, turkey
    Lunch- protien shake (unsweetened coco, coconut milk, agave)
    Snack- nut and dried fruit mix, an apple
    Dinner- ahi tuna and veggies

  20. chad says:

    breakfast: 2 eggs with turkey , turkey bacon, and spinach. Protein shake
    Snack: cup of coffee and a manderin orange
    Lunch: Shrimp and chicken salad with green peppers, onions, and a lil cheese.
    Snack: nut mix
    Dinner: Ahi tuna, steamed veggies and a naked shake

  21. Angee says:

    2 eggs 2 egg whites
    1 oz steak
    pepper, onions

    4 oz salmon
    side salad (spinach, peppers, onions, tomato

    1oz steak

    4 oz shrimo
    1/4 cup tomato sauce

    trail mix
    2 oz steak

    sunflower seeds

  22. Tuttle says:

    1.nuts and raisins
    2.green drink
    3.green drink
    -coffee(bartz knows why)
    4.pork roast
    5.pineapple juice
    6.green sal. with tons of veggies and raw nuts

  23. josiahlorentzen says:

    Eggs with veggies (The Usual)

    Paleo Shake Berries, cocanut milk, protein powder

    Post Workout
    Protein Shake, Walnuts and raisons

    Spinach Salad and Paleo Meatloaf

    Late night snack
    Guacamole, Jerky, cucumbers, cellery

  24. bobby_angela says:

    sleep bobby_angela: ~5.5 hrs

    bf bobby_angela:
    apple and 2 cups coffee with fixins

    lunch was spent at a meeting with provided food…
    bobby: turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato (did not eat the bread) and bowl of fruit
    angela: turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato (ate some of the bread before realizing it was bread!) and bowl of fruit

    dinner bobby_angela:
    sirloin and grilled shrimp with steamed vegetables (angela) and marinated shrimp (bobby). bowl of “salad” each (ice berg lettuce, carrots, honey-mustard)

    after dinner travel bobby_angela:
    earl gray each

  25. clayton says:

    4 eggs

    Chile-ground beef red pepper onion mushroom

    snack orange

  26. Jess says:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and an orange

    Snack: lara bar

    Lunch: Naked Shake (It was hard to find anythingin an airport)

    Snack: Apple

    Dinner: Naked Shake

    Snack: Trail mix and celery

  27. Keri says:

    Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich – ditched the bread and used a tsp of honey mustard for some flavor with tomatoe and lettuce on it

    Snack: Banana

    Dinner: Few shrimp and catfish baked a little bit of olive oil and lemon
    Green beans

    Snack oarnge

  28. Kevin says:

    I hope this is right!

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, turkey sausage with carrot, onion, tomato

    Snack: Nuts, carrots, jerkey

    Lunch: Chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, orange, paleo cookie

    Snack: Nuts, jerkey, dried mango

    Post workout: Half an orange, handfull of almonds

    Dinner: Chicken breast, green beans, carrots

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