January 14th (Day4)

Chicken and Shrimp Soup

Watercress Bacon Soup

Great Job everyone your meals are looking good!  Don’t worry the headaches and feeling lazy will go away soon enough I promise.  Your results are going to make it all worth it.  Not just weight loss but the way you feel.  Keep it up!


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Personal Trainer and Gym Owner. I have a growing desire to see people get healthier!
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40 Responses to January 14th (Day4)

  1. Courtney says:

    Hey Paleo Eaters…I need some snack recipes, I am SO tired of nuts and fruit! What else is there? Anything that somewhat resembles a chip or cracker with a crunch??? HELP me! 🙂

  2. josiah says:

    I do cellery with homemade salsa, or guacamole, or even almond butter. Or cucumbers are good with guacamole and salsa. That’s all I have found that really resembles chips at all. Trust me your in the hardest stage right now.

  3. Dan Lorentzen says:



  4. Jordan Brown says:

    B: Banana and grapes, 12 oz hot tea w/ some honey. prolly a lil more than I should have used lol.

    L: Large salad (lettuce, cucumber, tom., egg, oil/vinegar) with lots of broiled, diced chicken. 3 slices of pineapple, 3/4’s of an orange, and 2 slices of honeydew.

    D: Small side salad (shaved ham, lettuce, tom, cuc, sprouts, and oil/pepper), 2 small slices of beef, and “pesto” chicken. The chicken was probably not very paleo. few orange slices.

    Water all day.

  5. Tony says:

    1/2 sliced cucumber
    1/2 an orange
    1 whole banana
    Small handful of grapes

    Chicken sautee’d with green peppers and onions
    Baby carrots
    Celery sticks

    Palm full of almonds

    Chicken breast
    1/2 sliced cucumber
    1 whole tomato

  6. Tiffany says:

    pre workout snack: egg white, 1/2 banana
    breakfast: 2 eggs fried in O.O., grapefruit (my new favorite thing, sooo goood)
    snack: apple, few walnuts
    lunch: last nights leftovers, pork chop and green beans
    snacks between work and school and home: banana, apple, pecans
    dinner-ish: hard boiled egg and pineapple and cantaloupe.

    • Tiffany says:

      oh yeah. . . my head still hurts, but. . .i am not having any cravings like some so i am glad for that. but the “crap eating” roommates are back now so this is where my challenge begins. they came home from their trip with four bags of chips(variety of flavors) and then went and got KFC for dinner!!

      • Amy says:

        Hang in there Tiff!

      • Jordan Brown says:

        believe me i know how you feel! everyone at college eats horribly. i can spot sugary coffee drinks, various chips, and baked sweets in one glance right now! but in the words of kayne..we’re harder better faster stronger.

  7. Greg says:

    3oz natural pork sausage 1egg 1eggwhite & spinach
    Clementine, banana, coffee
    Took a customer out, he wanted to meet at Taco Bell as he didn’t have much time.
    had 2 Fresco steak & 2 Fresco Chicken tacos without the shells, just meat onions tomatos & lettuce. Not bad.
    Apple, Green tea
    small spinach salad w/2oz deli chicken 1T pesto

    Naked protein shake before workout.
    Two YUMMY Banana Flaxseed Pancakes (THANKS JOSIAH)
    3eggwhites w/chopped green pepper onion & broccoli

  8. Amy says:

    b-protein shake with banana tea with honey and cinnamon
    s-sunflower seed and pumpkin seeds
    l-pork chop broccoli carrots clementine
    d-chicken broccoli cauliflower green peppers onion green tea honey cinnamon

  9. courtney says:

    1 banana
    5 strawberries

    Sunflower seeds, apricots, raisins

    Leftovers from last nights dinner…filet mignon, green pepper, onion
    Salad with lemon juice dressing topped with sunflower seeds


    Salad with chicken breast and lemon juice dressing

    Strawberry/peach/water smoothie

    Bed at 8:00 tonight…so tired from writing paper for grad class…back to gym tomorrow 🙂

  10. bbartz says:

    Check out this post on Marksdailyapple.com Here are some shake ideas that look pretty darn tastey!!!!


  11. Jaker says:

    Breakfast – Fruit Smoothie ( Banana, Strawberries, and pure OJ)
    Lunch – 3 eggs, peppers, mushrooms, 1/4 cantalope, pear, and scoope cashews.

    Snack – 1 paleo cookie  

    Dinner – Pot Roast, cabage, onions, pepers, carrots, celery and mrs dash

  12. POP-TART says:

    Breakfast: 4 eggs,, ground beef
    Snack: sliced roast beef
    Dinner: shake( strawberries, 1 egg, OJ), salad

  13. Jess says:

    Breakfast: Banana and paleo trail mix
    Snack: Orange
    Lunch: Salmon Fruit Salad
    Snack: Larabar (The lemon one taste like a fig newton!)
    Dinner: My one cheat while in Florida

  14. Katherine says:

    Pre work-out: pear
    breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, apple
    snack:packet of nuts
    Lunch: 3 oz chix, green peppers, pinapple
    Dinner: protein shake, blueberries, cucumbers, pistachios

  15. Tuttle says:

    1.apple,almonds,macadamia,goose jerky,berries
    2.3 eggs,carrots,almond butter,celery
    3.green drink
    4.green drink
    5.almonds,macadamia,raisins,goose jerky
    6.avocado,veggies,2 eggs,beets,macadamia,glass of red wine
    -I am looking at this bag of raisins and want to Crush the whole thing.

  16. sarah M says:

    Breakfast- Banana
    Lunch- pot roast, carrots, green pepper
    mixed fruit like usual
    dinner- tilapia with tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccli and cauliflower.

  17. bbartz says:

    3 eggs, ground turkey, onion, yellow pepper, mushroom, avacado, 1/2 a banana

    1/2 banana

    Spinach shrimp salad, french onion soup, didn’t eat the cheese or the breading 😦

    Naked Protein Shake, fruit & nut mix

    avacado/coconut milk/protein powder/ ice blended smoothie (marks daily apple)

    2 eggs ground turkey, banana

  18. Hannah says:

    breakfast: half a grapefruit, 2 oz chicken
    lunch: spinach, mushroom, cuke salad with shrimp
    snack: pistachios yum
    dinner: nibbled on chicken, tried eating some almond butter. not feeling like myself.
    snack: a lil more grapefruit.

    oof, hello weekend!!

  19. Angee says:

    Trail mix

    Post work-out
    8oz water!

    2 eggs 2 egg whites
    1 oz steak
    onions, pepper, spinach
    small fruit salad (pinneapple, blueberries, blackberries)

    Green pepper
    ground turkey

    Trail Mix

    4 oz chicken
    tomato sauce
    peppers onions


    Still craving chocolate!!!!

  20. Taryn says:

    Breakfast- 2 egg whites, turkey bacon, slice paleo banana
    Lunch- Salad with turkey, mushroom, tomato
    Snack- walnuts and almonds
    Dinner- Subway salad with turkey, tomato, banana peppers, cucumber, black olives, and vinegar.

  21. chad says:

    Breakfast 3 hardboiled eggs, turkey bacon and a protein shake
    Snack: Sliced turkey, carrots, radishes, applesauce and a coffee
    Lunch: Spinach salad with shrimp, bacon, red peppers, onions, and oil and vinegar
    Post workout protein shake.
    Dinner: Subway salad with roast chicken breast, black olives, jalapeno’s, and cucumbers and a couple thin slices of beef.

    Not gonna lie i was a hungry boy today!

  22. bobby_angela says:

    Sleep bobby_angela: ~6.5

    Bf bobby_angela:
    1 cup coffee with fixins (terribly busy morning)

    lunch bobby_angela:
    chicken, beef, pork stir fry with mushrooms, carrots, sprouts, pineapple, cabbage, onion, broccoli with garlic oil, lemon juice, and small bit of soy sauce (no tamari available)

    dinner bobby_angela:
    Cajun seasoned broiled tilipia and shrimp with lemon seasoned broccoli and cauliflower

    drink bobby_angela:
    Earl gray tea

  23. Rcarver says:

    Breakfast- 3 eggs with peppers and onion. 1 Clementine and 1 banana

    Lunch- salad with chicken, peppers, onions, and tomatos.

    Snack- banana and some ground turkey

    Dinner- chicken with some mixed veggies. 1 Clementine and 1 apple

    Snack- Some pineapple

  24. Tyler Tisue says:

    1)- 2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites mixed with half red pepper and 1/4 onion. Plus an apple
    2) Paleo pancake
    3) 6 oz of shrimp cooked in coconut oil and a pepper
    4) half a rotisserie chicken and a mix of brussell sprouts, squash, yllw pepper, asparagus cooked in coconut oil.
    5) glass…….or two of red wine when I took my momma on a date 🙂

  25. Courtney says:

    Thanks for all the support with the snacks! It was certainly helpful!

  26. Kevin says:

    Breakfast: Banana, 3 eggs, piece of ham, cafe latte, water

    Snack: Apple

    Lunch: Pork roast, heaping bowl of corn and carrots, 10 blueberries, paleo cookie

    Snack: Nuts (mac, wal, alm), dried mango (2 pieces)

    Dinner: 10 oz. NY Strip, broccoli, mushrooms, glass of red wine, glass of water

    Desert: Some cheesecake and brownie

    *It was Liv’s bday so we went out to dinner at Symposium Cafe and I cheated hardcore on the desert. My wife only turns 23 once! haha

  27. Kasey says:

    BF: 3 eggs with tomoto and onion. Green Naked shake
    lunch: big salad: spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, unsalted sunflower seeds, vinager and oil
    dinner: hamburger patty with grilled tomato, onion and spinach and VERY BAD frozen veggies (was out to eat)
    snacks: almonds and apple

    NOT excited about the trivia night we are going to tonight…

  28. Conor Ryan says:

    breakfast: three egss, 2 pieces of turkey bacon(is that ok)
    Lunch: salad with carrots green peppers, and oil and vinager, also an apple and palm full of almonds
    Snack: protein shake, and a pear
    Dinner, veggie beef soup
    Snack: carrot sticks, and rasberries

  29. Trina says:

    1: 2oz tuna with 1 egg, peppers and onion
    2: 1c shrimp, banana
    3: chicken breast, 1c veggies
    4: 3pc turkey bacon, fruit smoothie with only water and ice added

  30. Becky says:

    Pre workout protein shake
    post workout protein shake
    B – 1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled with veggies
    L – Lettuce wrap with tomatoes and deli ham, walnuts, orange/yellow peppers
    Snack – apple, walnuts
    D – Minced chicken sauteed in hot salsa (only fresh ingredients), mixed with shredded lettuce for a version of a taco salad
    Snack – walnuts

  31. Keri says:

    chicken Noodle soup skipped the noodles…and a small salad with olives cucumbers tomatoes and a couple croutons crushed up…used a tsp of fat free ranch

    Dinner Chicken and broccoli and like 10 grapes

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