Log Your Food Daily!!!!

We have created this separate blog to log your food.  You can either do this Daily, which I recommend!!  Or you can do it weekly if you’d rather.  We will post a open blog everyday for you to comment, ask questions, trade secrets, trade recipes, most importantly log your food intake.  Thanks everyone!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see all of the life changing results.

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2 Responses to Log Your Food Daily!!!!

  1. Nick Dodge says:

    9 January:
    lunch- beef, green beans
    10 January:
    lunch- pork, chicken, green beans
    dinner- ster fry(beef, carrots, peppers, onions), apple

  2. Dan Lorentzne says:

    Breakfast: 6 oz Turkey with Salsa

    Snack: Coffee

    Lunch: 8 Beef Ribs with nuts and fruit

    Snack: Nuts and fruit

    Dinner: Cabbage and Turkey Kilbasa

    Snack: Apple

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