Paleo Challenge Pictures Due!

Your pictures are due between July 20th and July 24th!

The “Look Better Naked” challenge party/potluck will be July 31st.  Right now it’s looking like it will be at the gym starting at 6pm.  Everyone bring a dish to pass and your own drinks. (Paleo Friendly) This is when we will announce the winner of the challenge.  Friends and Family are welcome!

Also anyone that has not got a shirt yet we are working on it!  We are having troubles with the print company.

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July 12th (Week 6)

The last couple weeks are winding down.  You guys are doing great. I’ve seen some people make some really big changes.  So you guys know the “Look Better Naked” party is going to be July 31st.  We are working on the space now and we will be letting you know soon.

No need to post your food anymore.  I’m confident you all have a good grasp on what your doing now.

Check back periodically for updates on the last few weeks.

Great job everyone!

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July 7th (Week 6)

So the posts I thought I was doing from my phone were apparently not working!  My Bad!! Last 2 weeks everyone!  I’m seeing some big changes in some in the gym.

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July 2nd (Week 5)

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July 1st (Week 5)

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June 28th (Week 5)

Chuck Norris Food Pyramid

Whoop Ass (4-6 cans a day)

You (For breakfast 2-3 servings)

Nothing (Chuck Norris doesn’t need food)

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June 27th (Week 4)

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